Throwback: To Trust or Not to Trust


Hello Winners,

This article was first written in July 2016 and it was the first attempt on writing something related to trust. I decided to do a look back to this article because of a conversation with a friend who was of the opinion that no one should trust another person completely and totally in everything.

I asked the question, what about on matters of love, is it possible to love someone totally of you cannot completely trust them? My friend said "Yes". And clarified the statement by saying "you can trust someone you love 99%, but keep the 1% to make allowance for any possible surprises that may inadvertently arise."

Well, this was an interesting opinion for me as I always had this opinion that one should be able to completely trust someone they fall in love with.

So this old article came to mind and I am sharing it again. Feel free to share your thoughts on this matter. Here it is:

Our daily existence on this planet is a function of our trust for one another. Without trust, we wouldn't even live comfortably for 24 hours.

You've got to subconsciously trust the farmers, sellers, makers and processors of what you eat and drink. You've got to trust the pharmacist, the doctor, the pilot, the butcher, the engineer etc. You've gotta trust in them before you can use their products or services.

Therefore, I think the maxim "Trust no one" is practically impossible here on earth. Our life and daily activities are built on trust itself. An attempt to 'trust no one' actually creates an unfavorable lifestyle.

Even though I understand perfectly that people actually have the ability to break the trust which I have in them, I still trust them anyway.

There is a major misconception which I think most people have about trust. These people probably think that trusting someone actually places a wall around that person and chains that person to ALWAYS do good. They feel that people they trust should never make errors.

By adopting this approach to trust, they often make the mistake of dangerously empowering these people with everything they have, not necessarily because they want to do so, but because they feel those they trust should have access to everything about them.

Get this point straight : To trust someone doesn't mean you must let them know everything about you or make yourself very vulnerable to them. Doing that is entirely your choice and you should blame yourself for any outcome and not the 'trust you have placed in him/her.'

If you really want to let people you trust know certain things or give them access to your assets, you must do this because you REALLY WANT TO and you must be prepared for whatever is the outcome. You're not giving it because you trust them. You're giving it because you want to and you're prepared for anything!

You may want to read that last paragraph again because the reason most people decide never to trust another person again is because they often forget to prepare for any possible outcome because they are CERTAIN that a human being cannot err simply because they trust that person

If you think that other people are restricted to always do good simply because you trust them, ask yourself the question: "Have I been 100% good and trustworthy in the various situations I have found myself? "

In truth, none of us can claim to be absolutely trustworthy in every situation except God the creator. But that doesn't mean that we do not all share that beautiful potential to do good. And it is this potential in all of us that we should trust.

Real trust in ourselves as human beings means to believe in our collective ability to do good while being fully aware that there is always this "slim" chance of error or not meeting up to expectation.

When people break the trust we put in them, it could adversely affect our relationship with them, but it doesn't mean that we should lose trust in every human being's capacity to do good.

If we decide to stop trusting other people because one person broke our trust, it actually hurts us. You begin to live in separation and stagnation. You close up on life and you lock up yourself. It does you no good.

Yes, it is risky to trust in other people and that is the reason why you've got to be smart about it, but never ever stop believing in the capacity of human beings to make that choice of doing good.

Whenever we live in separation and mistrust, there is always conflict, war and separation. We fight each other and we stop progressing because we have lost our trust.

The forces of chaos are happy when we fail to trust in one another. Then we can't make rapid progress and we become enemies to one another.

Our ultimate success, progress and advancement as members of the human species would emanate when we stop being separate and recognize ourselves as part of a whole. That is the level of interdependence and we must trust one another to get there.

I think I've written too much.. but I will always trust in that spirit of good existing in every living soul whatever the odds may be, nothing would stop me from that because I choose life not death.

I hope you do the same too my friend.

Keep winning!

- Ike


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