Happy New Year 2023!

Happy New Year 2023

Part of my new year resolutions for 2023 is to write more and in that spirit, I am writing my first article by 12:40am on January 1st of 2023. 

I want to write everyday on this blog. Whatever I feel like writing here which could be of help, I will write and share my thoughts daily. 

I am combining this with keeping a personal diary of my daily interaction with people and events that took place for each day. I started doing this again on 14th December, 2022 after I couldn't keep up with it years ago.

 I think keeping a daily log of what happens each day in your life really helps you train your memory to remember things more clearly and accurately in a way. 

It's also interesting the number of things we tend to forget when we do not keep a log of what happens in our lives each day. 

I am happy I am writing this first article today and hope to keep up with it for the remaining 364 days of 2023. I just want to write here for sake of writing. 😃

My new year resolution was completed yesterday and I'm already set to get accomplish all I have penned down.

I know some of you think resolutions are crap, but I think it helps give a direction to your year. It keeps you focused and gives you a target to look up to. 

I am very grateful for last year. It was quite tough and challenging. I was falsely accused for the first time in my life (I will write about this much later), but what I can say was that it's not an experience I wish for anyone else. But I'm grateful I got through it with lots of supportive people behind me. 

I struggled with finding a suitable accomodation for various points during the year and had anxiety over this, but grateful I eventually found what I wanted usually at the last minute. This happened twice during the year. 

I had participated in two competitions and came 2nd place twice. Wonder why 2nd not first 😄 but I'm grateful regardless. Also won an award for one of my projects.

In all these things, I'll say that the people in my life who have shown concern to me and who have been genuinely there for me were the ones I am most grateful about.

Sometimes, I tend to think I do not have anyone or that no one really cares for me. But 2022 proved me wrong. When I was in trouble, I was deeply touched by the way some persons came through for me and assisted me. 

I found that people really care about me and that what really attracts people is not about wealth or what you do for them, but rather how you make them feel(how you treat them).

One man mentioned to me that I had a great personality and that I should keep it up. I didn't count myself as close to this man or that I knew him, but during one interaction he mentioned this to me.

2022 made me understand that the mind is usually what leads us to worry. Most times what we think is not what is the reality.

Reality is usually different from what we are thinking, one way to be sure is to find out yourself by trying new thinking but most times we don't care to find out or try things outside of what our mind tells us. So our mind tells us stuff and we believe it and we suffer based on it.

I dare you in 2023 to think differently. If your mind fields you negative thoughts about yourself or about other people, consciously make the effort to think of the positive side to it. 


Make positive excuses for yourself and others. Don't always think it's the worst case scenario that must play out, but plan for the worst case scenarios.

Declare positive expectations over the year today if you haven't done that already.

Keep an open mind, believe in yourself, trust your gut and embrace the new year with open arms.

We will all win big time!

Your man,



  1. Lovely write up. I love the composition and clarity of your article. Kudos!


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