Throwback Article: What It Means To Love


Here is a throwback article written 4 years ago on 18th January, 2019 on what it means to love. I hope you enjoy it.

A lot of people are unhappy, because they are not experiencing love. They feel that nobody cares for them because of a few experiences they have had with terrible people and therefore they adopt this attitude of "me against the world". This attitude which is generalized to everyone still leaves them feeling unloved because they try to do everything for themselves.

This article by Kaosilisochukwu Nwizu Charles addresses this problem by really giving us all a sneak peek into what it means to love. The me against the world approach, though it seems to be working and will definitely get you results isn't actually the best approach to live. We are wired to love.. And no matter how hard we try to pretend that we can take care of ourselves without any other support, we really need love from others.

This article addresses the questions of: "why am I still unhappy?", "Why don't I receive as much love as I give?", "Why do I feel lonely or depressed?" "What is the best way to love?" etc.

Here's the article as written by him:

Every man deserves to be happy and happiness is what we strive for. What then is with life and all these complications?

We break away from friends because we need them, we become indifferent and we look away when all that beacons in us is to embrace, we beat our chest saying goodbye when we really mean to shed countless tears. Strength is now seen in letting go and not holding on.

Many of us have adopted different ideologies in living our lives so much so that we have lost ourselves. We always think of putting people away, most of whom have been major sources of happiness to us in the past.

The question is; does it really make you feel better? We say we are going to show care only to those who care for us, we're going to call only those who call us. If everyone makes such decisions, who then will be the first or should I say weakling? (strength now lies in letting go rather than holding on)We'd probably be walking around with our expensive phones having no one to talk to. A perfect example of - I think - of what Theresa would call virtual friendship.

What a sad life..... We bear burdens we could share because to us, no one cares about whatever we're going through so we smile when we mean to cry.

Ven. Arch Bishop Fulton Sheen in his book YOU tells us how God, who is the fullness of love has put a little part of His love in us and has kept greater part of it for himself so that we feel incomplete without Him. While we are still alive, we lack the fullness of this love because we have not possessed God.

 Therefore possessing many fragments of this love is What God advised us when We asked us to love one another( Jn 13:34) In loving our neighbors we unite to our fragment, a number of other fragments so that we possess a portion larger than what we posses individually while we still live.

We love God because He loved us first(1 John 4:10, you can read the whole chapter) and God is almighty (Apoc 1:8). Why not be little gods(Ps 8:6) to others by loving them first. That is what stronger people should do(Rom 15:1).

So be the first to compliment whatever you like in someone if you want it to continue because you don't know how much they will value it, be the first to call whenever you feel the urge because it happens a lot of times that the person who suddenly came to your mind is also somewhere thinking of you; why not be the first? Pray for the success of those who are or were once your friends, because you don't know what is written on the next page of our stories.


That's the end. How did you feel after reading that? Did it inspire some good thoughts in you? Do you have something to add to it or share? You can leave a comment.

Thank you for reading. I hope you try to be the first to give this love. Yes, others may not reciprocate it, but if you keep at still being the first to express the love in you to those around you, you will get more love than you ever wanted.

Keep loving first, keep winning!

Share your views.

Your man,



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