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The Active Ones Take It All

Hey, you! Yes.. you! Are you still delaying that wonderful idea you may have been nursing for a while now? Have you been hesitating on starting that business, journey, career, course, or work you have  to do? Have you identified a favorable opportunity, but you've not been able to utilize it because you're thinking too much about it? Then this article is for you. I want you to bear this at the back of your mind: "The active ones take it all." Life offers everything to the ones who are active. Life doesn't care about your intention or what you're thinking of doing. It cares about what you're doing! Let's say there are two people who intend to start a similar business, let's say it's a small restaurant. One of them has been nursing the idea for a long time and is very passionate about it. He keeps thinking and thinking of how to start up the business and get everything ready but has done nothing yet. The other one also nurses the idea

What It Means To Be Positive

motivation:The meaning of being positive

"I'm positive that I will be strikingly rich," "I believe I will excel in whatever I do," "I believe I'd be a president," "I believe I will be a great speaker," these are positive words, but simply saying them will not make these wishes come to pass.

A lot of New Age information going around tells people that they should simply visualise and think about whatever they want and they'll be attracting it to themselves. Taking this information literally will only lead to disappointments and frustration.

It's wonderful to want to be described as positive individuals, but do we really know what that means? Being positive is much more than just thinking, visualization and believing. There is more to it than some people probably think.

No matter how hard I sit here and visualize money, it's not going to magically appear. The actions I take is what brings money to me physically.

Being positive should actually go beyond our mental positions and flow into actions. Your positivity should be a motivating factor to urge you on in any activity you are pursuing.

Being positive means continuing to WORK and put in our best in our ACTIONS even when we face challenges. Somehow, your thinking actually creates the outcome you desire; however, it doesn't do it directly. It does it indirectly by strongly inspiring you to keep on taking consistent action; which then creates the results.

It's not a direct process as misunderstood most New age visualization therapists and law of attraction believers claim. The process goes: thinking, action and then results. The three always exist together and in the same sync.

Therefore, being positive is both a mental and physical process that involves our thought behaviours and must be followed by active behaviours.

In my own words, all thoughts and no actions, makes Jack a loser. A loser is one who doesn't achieve results. A loser can change to a winner by following the simple process... Think, act and get your results.

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