Are You Simply Waiting To Die And Go To Heaven?

are you simply waiting to die and go to heaven?

A lot of people desire to go to heaven when they die. "Heaven is a perfect place where you have anything you want," they say. It is a good ideal and I'm not against it. My question to every one of them is: "Since you're still alive here on earth, why not make this world a better place?"

The way I see it, most people are just waiting to die and go to this perfect place. Most of them have given up on life and console themselves with the promise of heaven. They don't want to have anything to do with this earth. "The earth is corrupt and must be destroyed," they say.

These people are mostly poor people who see themselves as "nice and good" and they claim to be guaranteed of heaven because they are saints on earth who have not committed any sin.

I have no business with how they see themselves anyway, but I want to ask, "Why not enjoy your stay on both sides?" "Why not make attempts to make this world better for yourself and your children?" "Why fold your arms and wait for it to be destroyed, so you can escape to heaven?"

The "end time" story is being preached almost everywhere. People have come to strongly believe that the world is coming to an end anytime soon. Therefore, they leave things as they are and make no effort to make their world a better place, all are waiting for the world to be destroyed just like millions of others have waited and died.

Let me ask the question: "Is it that God Almighty, the creator and master of all things, brought us into this world just for us to escape it by doing nothing here but claim to be good and wait for heaven?" "Is it that we human beings have no business with this earth?" "Are were here to joke and wait for heaven? "

I believe that God, in his infinite wisdom, has brought us into this world for a purpose here. There is greater purpose for which he created us and put us here. I don't think he created us, just for the purpose of seeing us die and come to heaven to see him. What's the point of coming here then?

I think God has put us here to solve the problems that life has presented us with. We have a problem to solve here on earth, which only us can solve very well. People are ignoring that calling and have failed to discover it because they've given up on the world and they wait to escape into heaven.

I think it's laziness to come into this world, complain about everything, do nothing, claim to be a good person, then wait to die and go to heaven. I don't think God will be happy with anybody who dies like that.

Look, we are all here to do what we can do to improve this world and then leave. When we leave, we can at least be proud to meet God in heaven and talk to him about the little things we tried to do. I think God will be glad to hear our stories than when we enter into heaven just under the name of being "good people who never sinned."

These were just my thoughts this early morning. I hope you're inspired to discover your mission here and go for it. Don't just wait to die and go to heaven. We can build this heaven on earth here, if all of us respond to our different calls to solve our problems.

Love and Peace.



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