The Power Of Your Attention

What has got your attention? What do you spend much of time focusing it on? Do you look out for existing opportunities or do you keep looking at things that went wrong?

Our attention has tremendous power and if we can direct it to the appropriate endeavors, we can actually come up with ideas and plans to greatly improve our lives and the society.

Most of us channel much of our attention to things that do not really add much value to our lives. We are either focused on sports, movies, entertainment etc. These things are important when engaged in once in a while.

Much of your attention has to be channeled to something that you can make a contribution into. Don't channel your attention to the past or on things that you haven't done so well in.

When you focus on negativity, you'd experience more negativity and you miss out on opportunities to see better areas to channel your attention.

Your attention should be channeled to opportunities, to your dreams, to solving problems, to your passions and to a brighter future.

Don't give your attention to things that bring you down or things that make you stay negative and depressed. Don't give your attention to things that just waste your time. Don't give attention to your failures.

Give attention to things that keep you vibrant and alive. Give your attention to things that bring out the best in you. Give your attention to things that makes you more capable and productive.

Always remember that what has your attention has your power. The more you give something your attention, the more power you give it. See your attention as currency and spend it on what you value.

Everything outside of you is struggling to get your attention.. Movies, sports, entertainment, other human beings etc. As a human being who is decisive, it is in your power to always select what you give your attention which should be in your best interests.

Keep winning!


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