Always Be Decisive

always be decisive

Kathy claims she's in love with two different men and she's having a hard time figuring out who to choose between the two. She's been dating both of them simultaneously for about a year now.

She has continued dating them and increasingly being more reluctant to make up her mind. It seems as if she's just enjoying the feeling of having two lovers and has forgotten to take a decision on which of them to stick with.

Turns out that with time, the two men dating Kathy got to find out about the game she has been playing with the two of them and Kathy consequently lost them both. Till date she still regrets not taking a decision on time.

Kathy's story is just an example out of many cases of being indecisive. Every moment of our lives we are faced with different choices and the choices we make go a long way to define who we are.

Not many people know that not making a choice itself is also a choice! You are also making a decision when you choose to sit on the fence and say neither Yes or No. That is a choice and it is the most dangerous.

I say dangerous, because choosing to be indecisive wastes your time and traps you in a lazy situation where you end up doing nothing.

If you make a choice of acceptance, you go ahead and start working on what you've accepted to do. If you make a choice to reject, you discard the option and move on quickly to consider other options.

But when you choose nothing.. You are neither working nor considering other options, you are just wasting your time in the same stagnant position. That is an enemy to progress I tell you.

In our daily lives, we must always say either a solid Yes or No to the choices that come our way. We cannot hold onto both answers at the same time. That is impossible and attempts to do so leads to disaster.

We must also try to take decisions that are for our ultimate benefit which subliminally benefits the society. Not decisions that benefit us at the detriment of other people.

Decision are our maps to the kind of lives we want to live as humans. We cannot live life fully without being ready to take decisions as every moment presents us with.

Everyone who wants to succeed must be willing to always take decisions on which direction he/she wants her life to head towards based on sound judgement and due consideration.

Some decisions can be difficult to make. Some may present a 50-50% chance, but we must not delay too much in making them as we'd fall into the trap of indecision. Rather, in such cases, we can ask for advice from others or try to get better information to help us with the decision making.

Let us never attempt to escape making decisions, for the navigation of our entire life depends on them. Escaping it will lead to a boring, blank and dead life.



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