Don't Ever Feel Inferior About Who You Are

Don't ever feel inferior about yourself.

Why is it that many black people are the ones complaining about being treated unfairly or unjustly? Why are we the ones complaining about racism all the time? Why are we the ones who are always on the defensive?

The answer lies in inferiority complex. When you are already feeling inferior about yourself and where you are from, it is easy for you to see faults in what other people are saying or doing.

You are always complaining about how they treat you and how they disrespect you. But do you really respect and value yourself? Or are you quick to pick offense over any little thing?

I feel that if we really had a good sense of ourselves and are proud of who we are, we shouldn't be complaining of racism and maltreatment.

If a man calls you a "black monkey," it shouldn't be something that should make you feel so bad. You can reply by calling him a 'white rat' or something else. You can even ignore him, because you know who you are and you know you're not a monkey.

But instead of doing that, we take their words so seriously that we make a mountain out of a molehill. We get angry for nothing and we start screaming racism.

So much energy is being wasted on complaining about how we are disrespected and treated. I feel that is not the way to go about this. We are wasting time reacting and complaining because we have taken whatever they have said about us too personal.

Black people should rather focus on developing themselves and their countries. We should prove that we can actually think logically, govern ourselves properly, harness our resources and come up with more innovative ways of doing things.

When we are able to prove that we can be independent and productive, the respect will naturally follow. We have to earn whatever respect we deserve, there is no other way.

We can't expect to be respected by people who think that we are not contributing anything to the world. We can't expect respect from people who still think that we are so corrupt and can't even govern ourselves.

We should not expect respect from people who do not see the value we are adding to our societies. The way to earn our respect and come out from this inferiority complex is to focus on becoming better than we are.

Blacks should focus on developing themselves and their societies. We should focus on being more productive and innovative. We should focus on getting better governments and policies that are for good.

Starting campaigns against the so called racism and other movements to try and earn respect is a waste of time. It's like begging to be respected when you haven't proven that you deserve it.

Blacks should focus on building their manpower capacities and developing their countries to become more civilised.

If a person says "you're stupid," you shouldn't take it personal. If you take it seriously, it means you have inferiority complex, because if you knew who you were, you won't be affected by the statement because you're not actually stupid.

But when you're not very sure of yourself, you easily get angry, because you think you're under attack. You feel vulnerable.

We should never ever feel inferior about ourselves and we should never allow the actions of things outside us to tell us who we are. We are defined by our choices and we must choose to put in our best in whatever we do to develop us.

Stop feeling sorry for yourself. That is the worst thing to do. It is a consequence of inferiority complex. If you're feeling sorry for yourself, you're feeling you're not good enough and you're trying to apologize for it. That's nonsense.

Rather, always believe in yourself and believe that you can always achieve something big. Mold yourself into that person you want to be by being a more productive and open minded individual.

You're great and greatness resides in all of us. We should channel this greatness to wonderful purposes rather than argue about racism. Let's be quiet and rebuild our image as black people by ignoring whatever ideas others have about us and proving that we can do much better than they think.

I think it will go a long way to help blacks and Africans at large earn some real respect. Chanting songs and forming riots ain't the way.

Never ever feel inferior, You are great!



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