Our Beliefs Are Incredibly Powerful

harness the power of your beliefs

I am completely convinced that no matter the amount of evidence presented to someone whose belief is absolute on an issue, that person will never change their position on it.

Our beliefs are so powerful that they continue to control and shape our everyday lives. It's not like your beliefs actually changes anything in reality, it's just that the beliefs help you interpret reality differently and see things you never saw before.

I'm pretty sure you're familiar with the expressions "I said it," and "I thought as much." These are so common because people are often conditioned to see what they believe in and therefore confirm it with those words.

In any place, one who believes that there are no opportunities around him/her, will always tend to see no opportunities! Even when opportunities arise, he's not likely to see it because he believes there are none.

Another person in that same place who believes that opportunities exist there, will be quick to spot out opportunity that most people never saw, because his  strong belief has made him see things differently.

If you believe that people are generally wicked and untrustworthy, you will tend to meet with people who are just like you believe. It's not that all those people are actually that way, it is your belief about them that makes them seem that way to you.

Those same people may be seen as very loving and trustworthy persons to other people who don't share the same beliefs with you.

If you believe that there are liers and cheats everywhere, you will tend to meet liars and cheats. Everybody is not a lier or a cheat, but your strong beliefs will make you believe those people are lying to you or cheating you even when they may not be.

If you change your beliefs about something, your mind will be open to see many more things about that thing which you've not been seeing before.

Of what benefit is knowing about this power to you? Well, you have to use this tremendous power to your own advantage. Drop beliefs that limit you or close your eyes to the beauty of life and adopt beliefs that enable you adopt more positive and motivated approaches to life.

You'd be better off believing that someday you will make a breakthrough than believing you're a failure and give up. It's better you channel your beliefs to hope, love and vast opportunities in life rather than believe in despair, hate and hopelessness.

Use your beliefs wisely,

It goes a long way to shape your entire life!

Keep winning!



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