Nothing Comes For Free

Nothing comes for free

A lot of people complain that they don't have some things they really deserve or that despite their hardest work, they achieve very little. Therefore, they are discouraged in whatever they do and tend to stop giving out their best.

For some other people, it appears that they do very little work and all the money is following them. They don't have to stress themselves like others, but money just keeps chasing them.

"Why is life this way?" they ask. "Life is not fair. " they scream. Some start trying to explain it by saying its the hands of fate and not everyone has the same destiny. When they're satisfied with whatever excuse they've cooked up, they're comforted in their misery and quit trying.

Here's the truth... Life is completely fair. Life has been so well arranged that everyone gets exactly what they deserve. It appears some people have it easier when you only look at where they are presently.

Have you thought about how they started? Are you aware that the billionaire who's making money so easily once started his business with lots of difficulties? Did you consider that at a point he spent his time and energy designing the system he's enjoying which looks so easy now?

We have been conditioned to just look at people when they have made it and we think it is so easy and it just happens.

Things don't just happen that way. And most successful people you see today have been through hell to get to where they are presently.

They showed life that they really deserved to be rich through their persistent and consistent efforts during their hard times. Life respected their tenacity and paid them with riches.

They didn't give up when they were suffering, they didn't cook up theories and say that they were not destined to be rich. They simply worked very hard without relenting. Of course they deserve it.

Whoever is reading this, wherever you are, I want you to know that if there is anything you really want in life which you have not yet gotten, you simply have not deserved it yet.

It may take a little more time or work from you, but believe you me, once you have proven to deserve anything through your actions, you MUST have it. You only need to prove to life that you are deserving of it and you're willing to work hard and take it.

Look guys, don't just accept or believe anything. Don't blame anything for your situation. The answer has always been in your hand. The sum of your choices and actions are what will bring you whatever you want.

You can't just pray about it and fold your arms. You won't deserve it yet. That's why some say God is not answering their prayers. God really wants to answer their prayers and as a matter of fact God always does.

But these people are not seeing the answers to their prayers because they are not doing anything in which God can bless them through. So, they keep waiting and God keeps looking at them.

We can achieve anything we want in this world if we have proven that we really deserve it. And the only way to do that is to keep working diligently and never give ourselves a reason to become mediocre.

God loves active people and people who are willing to work with him. When you're willing to work, God works with you.

There is no reason sufficient enough to accept living a life you don't want. There is no reason to become average. Forget all the things people say to explain why they're not successful or poor. Whatever you want, you must show Life that you clearly deserve it.

Indeed, nothing is free. No magic will fall from heaven. You have you take your destiny in your own hands and break through those barriers designed by life to test how deserving you are.

A bold winner deserves whatever blessings he gets. All I want is to build a community of winners. Keep winning!



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