The Only Advice You'll Need To Get Anything You Want

get anything you wnat

What if I were to tell you the simple no-nonsense way to get anything you ever wanted? What if I let you in on the secret? What would you do with the knowledge?

Many people around the world today are asking questions and trying to find out how to get what they want. You'd be amazed at the large number of people who are clueless as regards how to achieve success.

It's time for you personally to stop asking questions and simply face the answer I'm giving
you right now. This is the surest way to get whatever you want. Here it is:

If you want anything in this world, you simply TAKE IT!  These two words contain everything you need to do to get whatever you want.

It is only your "taking it" that guarantees whether you'll have that thing or now. The art of taking is the art of action and activity!

Let me ask you, if you were thirsty and you wanted to drink water, do you wait for the cup to fill itself with water? Do you spend too much time trying to figure out how to drink water? No!

Rather, you get up, go get a cup and pour yourself a drink. The only time you should ask questions is when you are totally clueless about how to do something. If you already have an idea, there's no point to continue asking questions.

Most of the people who ask questions already know the answer in their minds. They're just not sure or they're trying to be perfect. But perfection is an illusion and there is no need to be sure of everything before we take action.

The only way is to take what you want. Every other way could lead to disappointment and misery. Taking it involves action of any sort which could be step by step or instantaneous.

Stop wasting your time asking questions. If you really want to get anything, take it.
Winners take, losers beg to be given.



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