Don't Sacrifice Your Own Happiness

don't sacrifice your own happiness

It is impossible to successfully make other people happy when you're unhappy yourself. It's important that we all understand the fact that our own happiness is very important.

Most people would like to buy into the idea of sacrificing their own happiness so that other people will be happy.

I think this idea is flawed because in sacrificing your own happiness, you end up unhappy while trying to make other people happy. Does it make sense to you?

Why do we often forget that it's very possible to make other people happy while also being
happy ourselves? Why do we have to sacrifice one to gain the other?

Your own happiness really matters. You can be happy while making other people happy. You can make loving sacrifices only when you're truly happy!

When a happy person makes a sacrifice, it doesn't feel like a sacrifice to him/her because even the act of sacrificing makes him genuinely happy! An unhappy person would grudgingly making sacrifices and heap with expectations, because he doesn't feel any joy in making the sacrifice.

Will you be happy knowing that someone makes a sacrifice for you, just to trap you into doing something by force for him/her? Is that a sacrifice built on love or an ulterior motive?

Does a happy person expect anything from anybody? No. A happy person goes on being happy and derives joy in whatever he/she does. The happiness is very infectious.

The concept of sweeping your own happiness under the carpet to make someone else happy looks absurd to me.

There is another negative side to happiness and that is trying to be happy at the detriment of other people's happiness.

You can't make everyone sad and expect to be happy. That's selfishness and it's different from what I'm talking about.

Selfishness is a vice. It makes you focus only and always on yourself at the expense of others. It creates more enemies for you than you may know.

Since sacrificing our happiness is as terrible as being totally selfish. How do we strike the balance? The balance lies at the intersection of both.

You can have your own personal ambitions that make you happy while making others happy as well.

It looks difficult to find the intersection point, but we must recognise that it's there and it's best we take pains to find it rather than choose any side of the coin.

It all still boils down to you. Are you really happy doing whatever you're doing? Are you really deriving joy from it? Is it making other people happy? Are you sure about your answers?

If we're on track, our answers should be Yes, Yes and Yes.

Don't waste your life sacrificing your happiness. Don't waste your precious time doing what you clearly hate. Stop trying to please people when you're clearly unhappy. It won't work. You were created and meant to be happy.

Find the balance point and be happy while making others happy. When you're genuinely happy, it reflects in everything you do. People will feel the joy and passion you have when you're happy.

I think I'm thinking too much again.

Okay, till next time. :)



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