9 Ways To Create The Life You Want

9 ways to create the life you want

A lot of people around the world today want to live the life of their dreams. We all have in our minds a picture of the kind of life we want. 

Few lucky people are those who are successfully living that way, while majority are still struggling to attain it. From practical
experience and close observation of the wealthy, happy and successful people, I discovered these nine important ways to creating one's dream life.

1.Follow Your Passion
This looks simple, easy to follow and pretty obvious, but it's only the very successful people that have had the courage to follow it through. To create your dream life, you must not be afraid to follow your passion.

Your passion is what you have strong interest in. Whatever you love and can do very well which has the capacity to add value to human lives is your passion. It's always there in you and always seeks expression, but often times we refuse to express it. This keeps us from the life we want. Show me a very successful man, and I'd show you a man who is incredibly passionate about what he does!

2. Become More Proactive
Merriam Webster dictionary defines pro activity as "the art of controlling a situation by making things happen or by preparing for possible future problems." If you really want to create the life of your dream, you must make it happen. You must keep taking step by step action to prepare for it. 

Every little action you take toward the life you envision counts. Successful people understand this and that's why they're always active. Don't waste time worrying or complaining about your present situation or challenges. You've got to control the situation by your own actions and gradually you'd see things turning around. This also involves critical thinking and planning to find out the best lines of action to take.

3. Don't Care Too Much about Popular Opinion
Yeah, you read that right! If you're ready to create your dream life, you have to learn to not always agree with the majority. You must learn to believe in yourself and your innermost convictions. If you're always afraid to express yourself or take action because of what other people may think, how would you live truly?

There was a time people believed that the world was flat and that it was impossible for man to fly. It took scientists, geographers and philosophers, who dared to differ, to debunk those theories. Whenever you're thoroughly convinced about your idea or plan of action, let nothing keep you from trying.

4. Always Do Your Best
Doing your best is not always as easy as it seems. It's very difficult to put in your best into anything once you're not passionate about it. That is why following what you have a strong passion for is number one. It's easy to put in your best once the passion is there.

Notwithstanding, we must develop the habit of putting in our best in whatever we do. This makes things easier for us and saves us time wasted unnecessarily in making corrections and repairs.

5. Challenge Yourself To Satisfy An Existing Need
Those who have created their dream lives have been able to satisfy some specific needs in their societies. Whatever kind of need they satisfied doesn't matter.

The point is that they created value and have been rewarded for it. It is important you satisfy an existing need in the area of your passion. Challenging yourself this way makes you more proactive and let's you gain expertise in your field.

6.Do Not Be Afraid Of Making Mistakes
The dreaded fear of making mistakes or to be perceived as being wrong has kept most people from The kind of life they've always wanted. Fear keeps them in the same situation where they neither grow nor improve. This is very detrimental to the future.

To create the life you want, you must not be afraid of being wrong. It's either you're right or you learn from trying. You cannot actually lose when you are not afraid of making mistakes. We have to plan very well, but in uncertain situations, we must dare to try new things rather than let fear of making mistakes keep us paralysed.

7. Learn To Live Authentically
How many times have you said "Yes", when you really meant "No"? How many times have you lied to yourself that you're actually enjoying what you're doing, when you know deep down that you don't? How many times have you answered "I'm fine" knowing fully well that you're not feeling okay.

To create our dream lives, we must learn to be true and real. We must tell ourselves the truth about what we really want and what we really don't want. Those who have created The Life they desired are authentic. They knew what they want and they went for it without pretence. 

You remain in the same place when you don't tell yourself the truth and when you keep hiding your truest intentions. Living authentically entails knowing yourself, defining exactly what you want out of life and setting clear boundaries.

8. Always seize Opportunities
You must not be afraid to seize your opportunities once they show up. This is where most people get it wrong. They pass up many opportunities that come across their ways, simply because they're not prepared for it.

Opportunities are like a turbo boost to your dream life. Once they are aligned with whatever you've decided to do, you must not miss them. Any opportunity in line with your passion must be taken advantage of except when there are better opportunities available at that same time.

9. Never Give Up
Last but not the least is the popular maxim "Never give up", which is easier said than actually done. Most people give up too easily once they face serious challenges in their fields of endeavor.

Only very few people are persistent enough to keep trying even in the face of insurmountable difficulties. That's why these few get to live their dream lives because they earned it through their dogged determination and sheer perseverance. 

As long as what you're doing aligns with your passion, goals, aspirations and dreams in life, you must keep pushing. Don't you quit, keep on trying in the face of difficulties and you'd be greatly rewarded for it.

Creating life we want may not be easy, but by following our passion, doing our best,  staying active, challenging ourselves, being authentic and never giving up we can get there. I hope these nine ways help you create the life you want.


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