What's your response to challenges?
Everyone on this earth faces a challenge in one way or another. It's impossible to live without facing a challenge in any way. What really matters is how we respond to it. Consider the short story below:

A farmer once had a troublesome donkey which always gave him a headache. One fateful
day while the farmer was working, the donkey fell into a neighbor's well.

The neighbor who owned the well saw what happened and reported to the farmer who became annoyed. He went to the well and yelled at the donkey "Serves you right!"

He then decided to bury the stubborn horse once and for all with the help of his neighbor. He started throwing in soil into the well expecting to bury the donkey.

To his surprise, the donkey dodged each heap that was thrown at it and then stood on top of it. The more the farmer heaped in more sand, the more the donkey dodged and stood on top of the fresh heap.

Gradually, the donkey rose higher and higher from the heap of sand and came out of the well unhurt. The wisdom shown by the animal earned the respect of the farmer and other onlookers who were amazed at the creature. #TheEnd

How do you respond to sand being thrown at you? Do you quit, complain, worry and do nothing about it? or do you persevere and tirelessly confront these challenges so you can finally emerge on top just like the donkey?

This is something we all should think about. Challenges are there to make us stronger, better, smarter and tougher. Always learn from your challenges, but never stop facing them. The day you stop confronting your challenges is the day you start losing.

You know better. You're a winner and winners face their challenges squarely.

Till next time,



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