Two Questions To Know Yourself

Two Questions

"I want you to ask yourself this question: “Who am I?” In finding out who you truly are, self-awareness is the first thing you need to access. You need to be aware of yourself and ask yourself questions. Also, when you become aware of yourself there is restoration of value and worth.

You must realize that your self-worth is not based on your achievements, what you can do or what you cannot do. Your worth is based on your heritage. In the eyes of God, the Creator of the Universe, nobody is more valuable than you are.

“Who in the world are you? Why are you here?” These are questions you ask yourself to enable you discover who you really are. Once you are able to answer these questions truthfully, you are on your way to success."
- N.Adesanya

Pythagoras, a philosopher, once said "Know thyself and thou shall know all the mysteries of the gods and of the universe." He might have been exaggerating on the importance of knowing oneself, but there are many reasons why truth is contained in that maxim "Know Thyself."

Most of the problems we face in our lives has its root in our identity and the idea of who we think we are. The way we perceive ourselves is the very foundation of everything. If we perceive ourselves right through a thorough knowing of ourselves, we will be able to easily figure out why we are here.

Today, many people still battle with trying to figure out their purpose and what they're destined to do. They go through life wandering aimlessly without an idea of who they are, their unique attributes and subsequently what they are meant to do. This has led to many of them being unfulfilled and unhappy.

The first question you should ask yourself is "Who am I?" Do you know who you really are? Take a moment to figure that out. Think about it deeply. Who are you? Some people have come to believe that they are failures or losers because of what they may have faced or experienced in their personal lives. They begin to identify with failure and hopelessness. They are making a big mistake. .

If you look at the lives of achievers and bold winners, they have a great perception of who they are. This spurs them into having very positive beliefs about their abilities and their actions. Of course, they end up achieving things that hitherto looked impossible. This is because they have a good internal identity of themselves.

If you look at it very well, the very essence of who you are is deeply spiritual. It's beyond what you look like, whatever name you answer, where you're from or anything like those. It's a beautiful thing that who you are is beyond your experiences or environmental factors.

You are fearfully and wonderfully made. You are special beyond words. You're creative. You are something so special that it cannot even be expressed in words. I want you to be constantly aware of that.

You are unique, you are specially gifted in different areas. Part of the process of knowing who you are is your ability to figure out what you are naturally talented at. Are you good in arguments, are you good in calculation, are you good at dancing, speaking, writing and etcetera. You have to figure these things out.

Ask people close to you what they think you're naturally good at. Sometimes, the people around you could know many things about yourself that you've not even noticed before. Their answers coupled with your deep analysis of yourself should help you identify the answer to the other question which is "Why am I here?"

Answering these two questions is crucial to living our lives fully in awareness. They are the key to rapid personal growth and success. You must get your identity right. Trying to live with a false identity usually leads to misery. You should get your identity right by knowing yourself. With the right identity which opens you up to recognizing your unique opportunities, it will be easy to figure out why you're here.

Know yourself, understand why you're here and keep winning!


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