On Making Mistakes

On making mistakes

"I want to share something very important with you today. In life, you will make mistakes. That’s okay. Mistakes help us to learn and grow. However, when you make a mistake, you must learn to forgive yourself very quickly.

Remember that no one made it through life without falling down a number of times. If you do not forgive yourself, you will weaken your faith in yourself and also your ability to trust yourself in the future.

You are your own greatest ally and so, you must always have a good relationship with yourself. Never beat yourself up when things go wrong. Acknowledge your mistakes, learn from them and move on in life."

Mistakes are not the end. They are just lessons on your path. Don't think that you can never fail. Failure is actually an option in real life which we are sometimes forced to choose. Mistakes happen and you can't kill yourself over anyone of them.

Some go on letting mistakes bother their minds and they don't see the bigger picture. It shouldn't be so. If you've made a mistake already, there's no point in beating yourself over it. Just learn the lesson from the mistake and move on.

Mistakes are our teachers.

"A person who never made a mistake, never tried anything new" - Albert Einstein

We cannot get everything right, sometimes we will make mistakes, but what's important is how you let this mistake affect you. Are you going to let it draw you back and fill up your mind negatively? Or are you going to take the lesson, improve yourself and strategy, then keep on trying positively?

Your choice!


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