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Be Your Own Self

be your own self

"I want to emphasize to you how special you are. Many people are trying so hard to be like other people. The media has filled our minds with all sorts of role models and sometimes, we find ourselves trying to play copycats.

We can learn from people, but we should never try to be like them, not at the expense of disliking ourselves. Do not get lost in the shuffle. Express your own unique gifts and talents. Do not consider your talents insignificant because the crowd is doing something else.

At best, you can only be a poorer fake version of someone else. But you can be the best ‘you’ that ever walked the surface of the earth. Your Creator did not make a mistake in assigning certain talents and personalities to you. Love yourself. Be yourself."

In today's world, we have a lot of people who are not even comfortable in their own skin. They always wish they were someone else other than their own selves. They feel that if only they were in the shoes of another person or if they were that person, life will automatically be a bed of roses.

They often overlook the unseen lives lived by those same people they want to be like. They don't see when those people were unknown and unseen. They don't see when they were working very hard to be where they are presently. They don't see the pain those people passed through to get there.

All they can easily see is a successful person who they just want to be like. Well, becoming successful in life doesn't work by just wanting to copy or be like someone who has already arrived. It starts with being yourself, loving yourself and diligently working on improving your peculiar talents. 

If you don't want to be yourself, by first loving yourself the way you are and being grateful for whatever you presently have, how can you identify your talents? Therefore, learn to be yourself and be comfortable in your own skin. Stop trying too hard to copy another person.

There is something's specifically unique to you that you need to identify, master and develop. If you identify it, your life will be blissful because you have found your ultimate purpose. You will see yourself becoming much more productive, focused and determined.

Find that thing by being yourself.


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