Are You Purpose Driven?

are you purpose driven?

"Great minds have purpose. Little minds have wishes. A purpose-driven life is a life driven with a motive. If you ever want to be happy you really have to do some soul searching throughout your early years to be able to move towards the life you really want.

A purposeful mind is much larger than a mind that is just willing to wish, because not only can it see the impossible, but it can also move close to receiving the impossible. Just because you have a vision for yourself doesn’t at all mean that you are living out your vision. 

We have to be able to follow who we are on the inside, and the road to becoming who we desire to be will become as clear as day. We aren't all blessed with vision, but those who are must realize that having a wish isn’t good enough; we have to be willing to try and live out our dreams."
- N. Adesanya

Today, we have our fifth article on the "18 Days of Inspiration" articles series. It's going to be all about purpose. What's your purpose here on earth? If you don't have a purpose of existence, then you're merely wasting resources by existing and you won't be moving in any particular direction or getting any useful results.

Previously, we shared an article on Two Questions to know yourself. The second question is connected to purpose which asks "why are you here?" Life has been designed to favor very purposeful and highly intentional individuals who diligently work towards any particular thing with a keen intent.

When your life is purpose driven, you are confident, passionate, determined, focused and enthused. When you live on purpose and not by accident, you will not easily give up on that purpose even when things are not presently going very well. You will persist and keep trying because deep inside of you, you have seen yourself already manifesting that purpose.

If you're purpose driven, you won't be a cry baby or a complainer who keeps throwing blames at everything for every difficulty you encounter. Instead, you will be highly motivated and resilient because you have become in control of your destiny just by virtue of having that purpose.

Look, you are meant to control your life and refuse to live by accident or chance. A life without purpose is akin to a driver who jumps into a car and keeps driving without any particular direction. Of course, the driver will waste his time and energy on the way and eventually the driver's fuel will run out. What's our fuel in this life? It's time! Time is one of the most valuable things!

A life without a purpose, wastes your useful time which could be channeled to better use. How do you find your purpose? It all starts with knowing yourself, your unique attributes and what you're really passionate about. Then naturally, your purpose will become very clear to you as you know yourself better. It's not a one day job.

Tomorrow, we will be talking about that resource called time, which we waste when we are not living on purpose. We hope you stay with us.

Stay purpose driven and keep winning! 


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