What Do You Believe?

What do you believe?

They say you're not so fine, you're not attractive enough, you're not so tall, you're not so smart, you're not rich enough and etcetera. They say you're not slim or fair enough. They say many things to you so that they can give you reasons why you're not good enough and why you won't be successful.

The big question is: What do you believe? Do you believe in what they're telling you? Do you believe that because you don't look a certain way, it means you're not attractive the way you are? Do you really believe you're not smart enough? Do you believe that because you currently don't have as much money as they have now, you won't succeed?

It's important you answer these questions and become very conscious of what you believe. Because belief plays an indispensable role in what you achieve in life. Having positive, strong and beautiful beliefs about yourself and your life helps you to have a hopeful and good state of mind. A good state of mind enables you think clearly and be willing to work towards your goals. You are responsible for your beliefs and no one else.

Don't let people around you implant limiting beliefs on you. If they say you're not looking good to them, be ready to tell yourself that you look good and attractive. You have to be willing to revert the negative things they tell you to positive ones and believe in the positive things you say to yourself. If they say you're not smart enough, be the one to tell yourself that you're smart and don't believe otherwise.. Because in the end, YOU are the ONLY one affected by YOUR beliefs!

Success is not built on how pretty or handsome you are. Some people look so good and have very attractive appearance, but they don't excel in life. Why? They didn't make the right choices. Looking good is not a guarantee to success. Do you become successful by having tons of money? Well, some people have won lotteries and gone back to abject poverty due to poor management.

It is not even by the country you come from or your family background. There are poor and rich people in every country. People from different backgrounds have the same options to become either rich or poor. So, all these beliefs about success based on anything material or physical is all nonsense. These things cannot determine how successful or how far you will go in your life.

Life is not about these things. No one will care about the color of your skin, your size or your appearance when you finally become a very successful human being. These things you may wrongly believe now about success won't count once you become a success. Life is about being the best version of yourself and becoming very successful in what you do. Success is the goal. Success in all your endeavors! No one really cares about appearance, country, religion, race and bla bla. They only care about your success.

Since your success is the goal, you must rid your mind of all negative beliefs about yourself. Maybe you've been cajoled into believing that because of the physical things you don't possess or your appearance, you won't go far in life. Maybe they are telling you something about where you come from or whatever nonsense they're trying to feed you to make you feel bad about yourself. I have one thing to tell you: Those nonsense they tell you don't count. You are the One to tell yourself what you want to tell yourself about yourself. No one else does.

Therefore, say and believe the best things about yourself and understand that the physical or material things have no role to play in how successful you become. Your mind, your focus, your choices and your dedication has everything to do with it. Now you know, keep the negative behind you always like the devil and look onto the best. The sky ain't a limit for you, bold winner! 


  1. I keep inspiring myself as well. Thank you for your comment.

  2. I keep inspiring myself as well. Thank you for your comment.


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