A Man Should Not Be Lazy

A man should not be lazy

In our society today, it is not uncommon to see men, some of whom are husbands, stay back home and do nothing. In some families, men have completely left their responsibilities for the women. This is quite shameful to say the least.

A man is meant to be dogged, active and vibrant. He is meant to take charge of the affairs of his home and ensure that he provides for his family. A man should not sit back at home and expect to eat food everyday without being able to provide for it.

No matter how worse things may be for the man, there is always something he can do at least to save the situation and try catering for his family. There is dignity in labour and there is no shame in doing an honourable legal job.

Some men have become so lazy these days incapable of taking good care of their wives and homes. Yet they feel a certain sense of pride in themselves and refuse to do certain necessary things to keep the family going because they feel they are above doing such things.

What really proves that you're a man is how well you can provide for your family. How ready you are to work, sweat and do what it takes to ensure that your family is well taken care of? Can you bend down to make the necessary sacrifice required to comfortably provide for them? Can you drop your pride and ego if absolutely necessary to work for their own good?

That's what makes a man. A man should never be found sitting at home and expect his woman to do everything. Women are doing so much taking care of the children and the home. Women are meant to be help mates or assistants to a man. They are not meant to do everything. But some men become too lazy to play their own role in their respective families that the women also start doing the work the man is meant to be doing.

What is your value as a man in the home if you cannot provide, protect and cater the needs of your own house? A man is not just about words. Your action is what tells whether you are worthy of being called  a man or not. Some women have become far better than some men because those men chose to be lazy and feel on top while they're nothing.

Think about it. If you've been lazy as a man, you better change and start doing something to show you're a real man. Bend down, humble yourself, start very small if need be and do what you need to do to earn your keep. Let them laugh at you when you try, let them say what they want to say about what you want to do.. As long as it is legal and enables you to successfully provide for your family and your own needs as well, you should be proud of yourself.

Take pride in the good health and well-being of your family. Take pride in being able to provide for them no matter how tough the situation may seem. In doing this, you win their hearts forever and you establish yourself as a true man who is not lazy.

Break away from laziness, take charge, do your work diligently and be a real man everywhere you go.

Stay sharp and keep winning!

Dedicated to all fathers and prospective fathers out there.. 


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