Break The Block

Break the block

Sometimes, you don't want to do it. You feel weak. You want to just give up. Why stress yourself everyday making effort? Why not chill out and take some time off? You know you have to do it to become one step closer to your target, but you are reluctant to do it. You're being tempted by the block!

The block is an enemy of progress designed to steal away your will power, drive and motivation to succeed. Characteristics of the block: Feeling reluctant to continue work, lazy lifestyle and attitude, becoming unconscious of goals and objectives, not paying attention to details, bad habits and etcetera.

The block is there to make you lag behind once you yield to it. The block wants you to fall into the trap of laziness. One day off is enough to kick start the full workings of the block. One day off means giving the block a chance at you. There are meant to be no days off till you hit your target. Every second, every moment, every day really counts!

Those who care about taking time off and resting because they think they've done enough or they deserve to relax don't really want to achieve their targets hard enough. They don't want it as badly as you and that's why most of them never achieve their target. You have to want your dream so badly that every fiber of your being is willing to put in the work to get there.

For a true warrior, there is no stopping and no quitting until the mission is accomplished. The block comes to deviate you away from your mission. It disguises as something good by offering you rest and recuperation, but it's true nature is evil; it comes to steal your desire and will to achieve your mission.

What you need is FOCUS and CLEAR THOUGHTS. When you have these two, you see what you want very clearly and you know exactly what you have to do to get it. If you're serious about it, you set to work and you never stop until you've conquered it. You have to be very passionate about what you want to overcome the block. Your passion for whatever you do is the fuel that keeps you going even when the block tempts you.

The block can only come when your passion isn't strong enough. It comes when you don't see your target clearly or see the tremendous benefits on achieving your objectives. It comes when you are not very conscious of certain important things. Therefore, you have to constantly remind yourself of your mission and exactly why you chose to embark on it. Let the answer you get stay embedded and imprinted onto your mind and subconscious.

Everyday you are meant to be making at least one step closer to your goals in life. You should not miss any step in the name of resting. It doesn't mean you shouldn't rest. But resting should not take away the daily input you should make in your mission. Rest should be part of your mission not a destroyer of the mission.

The only reason to rest should be to recharge your systems and gain energy to continue working towards it. The block introduces a fake kind of rest which lures you to ignore what you are still meant to do even after rest. Be very cautious and wary of this fact so that resting doesn't become a disadvantage.

Anytime, you feel like you should not do the work you're meant to do for a particular day, recognise that it's the block at work, see it as a reminder that you should strengthen yourself and push yourself to still do the work despite how you feel. Remind yourself of why you are doing it and stay conscious of your vision.

As you do this over time, you will be quick to recognise the block and destroy it before it destroys you. Always break the block and keep winning! 


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