Why We Must Be Interested In Politics

A country which has the right political systems in place is a country destined for greatness. No country can go far with bad politics.

Most people would love to write off politics. They don't care about it. They don't care about who rules them. To these people, all politicians are corrupt and evil and nothing can change that.

Their minds are made up about politics and the state of affairs of their nation. More and more people are buying into this idea and are becoming indifferent to politics.

"What can we do?" They often ask. Look at what's happening so far with all our indifference and optimism. Things are getting worse and more inappropriate persons
have the opportunity to rule you because you don't care about politics.

When the wrong people rule you, whether you like it or not, you suffer and your children too will suffer. Yes, we all will like to believe that somehow we will become so rich that whatever happens in the country cannot affect us.

Let's look at the reality; many people are probably thinking the same thing. How many people have successfully done that? Majority of people who also wish to be that rich are hit hard by the situation of things and mechanism operating in the economy.

No matter how we want to see it, economy is affecting us all. Why? Bad management. Developed countries keep enjoying fresh opportunities because their government has put mechanisms in place to generate such. They've set up wonderful systems in their countries to provide for their citizens and their upcoming generation.

We cannot turn a blind eye to our own government. We cannot hope for things to get better and still not care about politics. Genuine interest in politics is a must if we are to ever get credible, intelligent, devoted and smart leaders who will rule our nation and put good mechanisms in place for the masses.

There has to be an increased awareness in our people on who's who in government. The voices of the people must once again rise and be recognized for that is the true goal of democracy. The people are gradually becoming silent and indifferent and this isn't what is meant to be.

Corruption and bad governance have come to stay because the people allowed it. If the people hadn't allowed it and come out in unison to choose our leaders not based on our differences or sentiments, but based on a common commitment to elect  credible, proven, and able leaders, we wouldn't be in this mess.

It is still in our hands to turn this nation around. To turn it around, we have to understand that we're all in this together. You don't want to just hope on becoming rich while your country continues to suffer. If we all work together to rebuild this country, we will all enjoy the benefits we are currently missing.

Yes, you're right when you ask what the country has done for you and why you should care. You are right when you claim the country has not been supportive. You are right when you claim your rights have been trampled upon. But I want you to remember that these things happened because we the people allowed it to by not choosing the right persons.

Good things are a by product of good leadership, management and accountability which can only come from credible leaders. Therefore, the time has come for us all to join hands together irrespective of tribe, race, sentiment or religion and work together as one with renewed awareness in our political systems.

The eyes of the people have to be opened beyond sentiments to see what is really going on in our leadership. No one should turn a blind eye to it. It is obvious that the choice to do that has complicated our problems. Instead, we should make another choice to be actively involved in this nation's politics, every single one of us.

This is a critical period in our country and there is no better time for the people to work as one than now. Let's do this for the sake of our children, for sake of a greater Nigeria in Future. Let us leave a legacy of a better nation for our kids. If we don't do it now, they will inherit a terrible nation from us and they will curse us for not doing anything about it.

Forget about our differences. Whatever tribe you come from, whatever religion you practice, whatever political party you support, let us respect each other for once! For sake of the future we seek and the younger generation, let us put aside our differences and come together as one people. Let the labours of our heroes past not be in vain.

Nigeria is a great country. Divisive forces are trying to break us apart, but let us put these things aside and become one again, then collectively we can rebuild our country to its greatness. Every tribe Igbo, Hausa and Yoruba all have wonderful and talented people in them.

We are not trying to prove which tribe is better than the other or which tribe is smarter or which tribe should rule. We are not in competition. We are all part of ONE country and as such our efforts should be collectively channelled to making our country great.

It is these sudden division among our tribes that is causing things to get worse. We have failed to recognize our oneness and we have started fighting ourselves politically and otherwise. Things are bound to get worse if we continue this way.

This is a clarion call to all of you. Let us look at our political system clearly without prejudice, find out what's wrong and join hands to collectively solve it. Let us respect each other and unite to make our country better than it currently is.
May God help us all as we resolve to do so.


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