5 Core Principles Of Growth

core growth principles

1. Truth 
Growth comes with being grounded in truth. You must free yourself from any limiting beliefs and embrace the truth at all times. When the truth is known, it is easier to make plans that will work and deliver results. Learn to see things as they are and stop making unnecessary assumptions and inferences. The truth is usually plain and simple.

2. Love
Love is the essence of all creation. When you love what you're doing and you love yourself, growth is inevitable. Always embrace the light of love. Learn to feel good
about yourself and your environment. Feel good about your work and if you can't, quit and find go do something you really love. Love is the electricity that keeps us feeling alive like humans.

3. Authority
You must have a fierce authority over yourself and your goals. There must be strict discipline and relentless motivation to urge yourself on in your undertakings. Authority entails keeping to deadlines, accomplished tasks and taking continuous steps towards your dreams and aspirations.

4. Courage
Courage to act in spite of unfounded fears is necessary for growth. Real growth does not come when you're always playing it safe. Growth comes to those who are willing to occasionally take risks. It is for the bold, daring and courageous. Always remember that it's in you! Let nothing scare you.

5. Intelligence
Of course, intelligent application of knowledge leads to growth. As I always say, you must take out some time to think and make intelligent plans and decisions based on present situations. Your intelligence contributes to your growth. Learn to make smart and intelligent choices in your everyday life. Make it a habit and you'll find it easier to keep up with.

Until next time, Have a pleasant week ahead!


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