Don't Settle For Less

never settle for less

I've heard it from a great number of people. "Manage" "Make do with what you have" "Live your life in this particular way" "Things are tough, so drop your lofty dreams and settle for less".

Things like these are said everyday to different people around the world. Everyday you're told to manage and settle for things you don't want because life is not a bed of roses.

You start listening to them and you take up the job you know you clearly hate. You marry the
person you don't want to, because you think it's impossible to find the person you want.

You start settling for average things instead of continuing to pursue those things that your heart really yearns for.

Guess what? You start getting these inferior things. You become stuck with that job. You find yourself studying a course you don't like. You find yourself living your entire life with a partner you never really loved.

And when you're stuck with these things, you become unhappy because this is not what you wanted out of your life. You're forced to now manage forever because you listened to others and settled for less.

If you're like me, I believe you don't want to live the rest of your life unhappy. I believe that you believe in yourself and you have faith that you can get what you really want out of life.

Whoever is telling you to settle for anything lesser than what you truly want is trying to put you in a prison where unhappy people live.

I'm not saying you shouldn't take advice at all. Advice is good, but you are the One who ultimately decides whether to accept them or not. Only accept them when you truly feel it is the right thing to do.

Don't take advice out of fear or peer pressure. Take advice because it really vibrates with your spirit. Very few people have the capacity to give you such advice. The majority will give you mediocre advice targeted at making you live a boring, unhappy and average life.

You should not listen to them. Follow your heart. Believe in God and believe that you will get what you want. Work steadily towards it and someday your dream will stare you right in the face.

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