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The Dilemma Of The Young Hustler

dilemma of young hustler

This article is dedicated to all the young hustlers out there striving to make their marks on the world, improve the quality of their lives and positively impact their environment. These young ones often find themselves in a dilemma where  they're worried about how they will make a major breakthrough or when their works will be rewarded and recognized.

The world is already a competitive space with more and more  people falling back to living average and just comfortable lives. It's not like  most of these guys who are falling back to mediocrity want to remain there. It's just that they've given up on continuously making efforts towards standing out from the rest because of the challenges they have encountered.

However, therein lies the fun of standing out and making an impact. The challenges and problems you encounter while striving for relevance and sustainable wealth  are what prepares you for that position you seek. Young hustler, if it was easy, then everyone would be relevant and possess massive wealth. But the challenges you encounter on the way are what shapes you into an individual who is ideal for such accomplishments.

Have it at the back of your mind that whatever you're striving for may not necessarily come as easy as you thought it would, but if you're willing to stay on your path and keep doing something very well irrespective of the hurdles you face, you will eventually get there. It has been the path of very successful men and women before you. It has been the only path: work hard(smart), be persistent and keep trying your best.

Stop adding a time frame to when you will make a major breakthrough. Because there's no exact time for everyone. If opportunity meets with your preparedness, then you found your own time. We cannot all meet opportunity at the same time. What really matters is how prepared you are for it when it comes. The preparation is really the key!

Once you're  prepared, it doesn't matter the time opportunity will come because whenever it decides to come, you're ready! You will maximize it and make a major breakthrough. And how do you get yourself prepared? Work! Work, work and work in the field you're passionate about. Take time to learn and gain experiences in that field. The challenges you face while working on your missions are there to prepare you for that golden opportunity you seek.

Therefore, we shouldn't see these challenges we face as stumbling blocks, we should see them as preparatory situations. Maybe your government isn't doing very well to support your work or grant you loans. That shouldn't stop you from going out there and adding value in whatever way you can. The  government might not appreciate you, but if you keep preparing yourself with work and responsibility in your field, an opportunity will find you!

It may be from a stranger, an unexpected NGO, a new partnership with a foreign country or a firm. It might come  from the advancements on the internet. You never can tell. But the deal is not to let those challenges you face stop you from expressing what you wish you express or create in this world. Challenges don't really exist if we refuse to acknowledge them.

Experience has shown countless times that a person with a positive mindset and attitude about the achievement of anything is more likely to achieve it than one who is too pessimistic and conscious of all the challenges involved.

Young hustler, you may have been working for years without any major breakthrough. It may look like there's no one out there who supports you and the little you do. It might even seem that all your efforts are pointless and you're barely making a living from it or getting noticed. But guess what? Your breakthrough is just around the corner if only you can hang on, close your eyes to those stumbling blocks and keep developing your art.

It will surprise you when you will get to that place where you want to be and your opportunity may just happen when you least expect it. The catch is to stay continuously prepared and active when it will come.

I hope this inspires you to keep it up. The future is bright for you. Don't relent. Keep striving. Keep working hard. Keep shining and keep winning. Your breakthrough is already there.. just hang on.

Stay bold and keep winning! 


  1. As you rightly said, a positive attitude and persistent are very much vital to success. I also think as we pursue success, we should act as though we are already successful.

    1. Thank you Michael. Action as though we're already successful is very important and an upcoming article will be centered on that topic.


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