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Thoughts On Pornography

my thoughts on pornography

You may pretend that it's not there. But everyone who has used the internet must have at some point or the other come across some pornographic content. It could come up as a pop up, a click bait or a virus on your laptop screen. You may be surfing for something else and boom it's there!

It's not just on the internet, in some latest movies, pornographic scenes are becoming the norm to the extent that most people have fallen victims and became addicted to this menace. What's the consequence? Those addicted to pornography easily lose focus on their life mission and end up thinking about sex all the time.

Pornography robs the mind of precious ideas, will power and clear intentions. You stop thinking and planning about things that really matter in your life and you waste your time thinking about just sex. That's really something to be seriously dealt with because a life without focus, planned activity and strong drive is already a wasting life.

You know the difference between successful people and unsuccessful ones? It's in their mindset and planning. Successful people spend more time thinking about things that really matter and making plans on how to get them. Others just think about how to have sex. Take eating for example. Do you think about how to eat food all the time? Do you keep downloading videos or viewing images of people eating? It's really absurd right?

That's how absurd it is to keep thinking about people having sex or watching their images or videos. It's not normal. It may look normal, but it's an addiction that every person who really wants to make progress in life should break away from. Your state of mind is very important and key to your success. What you often think about has a way of affecting your life.

Sex is not a bad thing. Neither is the urge to have sex an evil thing. We are humans and at some point in our lives there is a need for companionship and intimacy with a member of the opposite sex. This is how we are and we should not pretend that we don't have sexual urges or fantasies. But then watching and getting addicted pornography is not the way to go about it. It actually causes more problems for you as regards real sex with your spouse.

Pornography is actually fake. It deceives your mind into thinking that sex is something that should be placed top priority in your life. Bold winners know better. Sex is just as natural as eating, breathing, blinking and other natural processes. There is nothing too special about it as pornography may depict. What really matters in our lives is how relevant we are to ourselves and to our society.

We must always focus on making an impact and solving real life problems. When you are focused on your mission, you don't go on thinking about sex. This doesn't mean you should not have sex in your entire life. Rather, it means that you understand that sex is a part of you that you have to also control just like other parts of you that makes you human. It means that you remain focused on your mission and you're not letting thoughts of sex distract you.

I'm working on releasing a book that will help those addicted to pornography break away from the addiction. It all starts with making a firm resolution, asking God for help(if you believe in God) and taking certain steps to fight the desire for it. I hope you check up the blog from time to time in order to get first hand information about the book once it is released.

Bold winners have one mission in mind. This mission is in line with their life's purpose, passion and mission. They don't think about sex all the time, they're not addicted to pornography. They think about the very important things in life and they make solid plans and take relevant actions towards achieving them. That's why they keep winning.

Keep winning, stay bold and don't forget to share this!

- Nigel


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