Lions Don't Eat Grass (Do Not Waver)

A lion does not eat grass waver objective vision

Your objectives and goals in life must be defined well enough to the point where you are not accepting anything less. You must have that objective in mind which you must relentlessly work for. No matter how things may look, you must not choose anything less than what you have set out to achieve. This is what I mean when I say that lions do not eat grass.

A lion doesn't start eating grass because there appears to be no meat. It doesn't go eating grass because it's not sure if it can actually get meat or if there is meat out there. A lion that wants meat, goes out there, hunts for the meat and with persistence gets the exact meat it was looking for.

You know yourself and you know what you really want. Whatever it is, you can actually achieve it. Everyone has the ability to get what they want if only they make it their sole objective and have the willingness to stick with this objective and pursue it without giving up even in the hardest times.

Extraordinary success honors extraordinary people who give all they have to get all they want. It doesn't honor the faint hearted or those who easily back off when things look bleak. This success is only for those select few who can prove that they are really fearless in the pursuit of whatever dreams they have in mind.

You wonder why there are few people who attain enviable heights of success and importance while many more are living average lives? It's because few people have the tenacity, doggedness, alacrity, persistence, fearlessness and faith to hold onto that one mission which they see very clearly. Very few pass the number of tests which actually shows if they are worthy of getting exactly what they want.

It doesn't always matter what other people tell you. These people might give you the best of advice, but they do not know your mission. If you let them influence you and you lose sight of your objective, you lose what you could have achieved by staying with it. It's still your choice though.

It's all about you. Your life is unique. Your experience is unique. No one else knows better than you what exactly you want in your life. You know what you want. Go for it! Don't let the situation of things tell you to give up on that dream. Don't let discouraging events stop you from having that dream. If you really want to achieve it, pursue it with all you got!

If you lose the vision, it's all gone, just like a flash. You lose everything you've been working for just the second you decide to accept something less. You don't have to manage what you don't want. You don't have to go for something else you don't want because it looks easier. You don't have to do something else asides from what you really want because things look tough.

You can get exactly what you want! Take my word for it and let your life be a proof of what I've just told you. See you at the top! Stay bold and keep winning! 


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