Live A life of No Excuses

Live a life of no excuses

Most people have a thousand and one excuses why they are living a crappy life. You hear people say things like: "I wasn't born into a very wealthy family like X," "I'm not as beautiful or good looking as Y," "There are no opportunities around me like those in country Z," "I'm not loved like or by X," etcetera.

Many people make up different excuses to explain or justify why they are still living in a disadvantageous state. The plain truth is that there is always an excuse available. You can always make up an excuse for anything at any time. Hence, if one becomes too used to making excuses, it becomes hard to overcome the habit because one never runs out of excuses.

This turns out very dangerous to us. Living a life filled with excuses is only a gateway to failure and shows a high level of irresponsibility. There are really no excuses needed to live a successful life. A successful life, I think, is a life that enables the individual live happily and genuinely make positive impact on the lives of many others.

To really become successful and happy individuals, we must to stop making excuses to explain any unfavorable situation we may find ourselves. Making excuses only implies that our situation is "justified" by the excuse. Therefore, whenever you make an excuse, you simply say, "This is the reason why I am here, I cannot do anything about it."

A life of "no excuses" is the life of a bold winner. A bold winner doesn't make excuses and hardly talks about his/her negative or unfavorable situation. Expert bold winners are even oblivious of adverse situations. They make no excuses, but rather continue to press for their desired goals, dreams, targets and aspirations. They understand that excuses are for losers. A winner needs no excuse. They focus on winning and they don't need excuses to win.

If you've been making any recurrent excuses in your life, make it a point of duty today to quit and discard whatever excuses you may have in your life. It is limiting you and stalling your progress. Learn to take responsibility for whatever situation you find yourself and continue to do what you can to turn it around and get to your desired destination.

If you do this, you have become a true bold winner and our winning never ends. Keep winning!



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