Life is like a Game of Football

Life is like a football game

I never liked football and sometimes, I wonder what men like in the game. The worst part of it is that I don't really like green, so the colour of the field even turns me off. But one day, i decided to watch a football match and a force just got me interested and i fell In love with it.

Ironically, I was not watching it with the same mindset as every football lover would watch a football match which is to know if a particular team(Chelsea or Arsenal) will win. Rather, I watched every thing that was actually going on in the field and studied it carefully.

I noticed that before the match starts, each team will pray. And so once the game begins, every player would focus on the ball, I saw the passion with which every player strived to get the ball. Even when a player is with the ball, other opponent players will dribble him just to snatch that ball but he must face them and dribble them as well and try to pass the ball to his team player, why? Because he trusts that they have the same mission.

Meanwhile, the commentators will always be telling the world who is doing badly, who almost did well and who actually did well. I noticed that each team has a coach and you can tell if a player is doing well on the field by the look on his face. But then, even though they work as a team, only players who score a goal will be announced and celebrated ; even the headlines will pick it up for example, "Ronaldo just scored the first goal."

Meanwhile, there are rules, if you break the rules, you will get a red card. If a player could not do well in the first half, they get a another chance in the second half. So there is so much work to do on that field, any player that goes to play with no determination and focus on the ball will never be recognised except by football fans who will help blow the trumpet "that guy, very sluggish, he cant even play, he should be thrown out ; he is a disgrace"
I hear this very well from football fans.

And then, this got me inspired.
I likened a football match with life journey to destiny.
Every player will pray before the match starts but only those who work hard enough will be celebrated.
So if you decide to pray all night with no hard work, you are going no where. Every player is passionate about scoring a goal and so he does not take his eyes off the ball. How passionate are you towards achieving your goals in life? Or are you nonchalant and aimless in life?

Players are dribbled but they stay focussed on retaining the ball, they do not just allow the opponents collect the ball. In life, you will get a lot of distractions trying to take your eyes off your goals, do you allow that? You should refuse to get distracted. When players are dribbled, they try to pass the ball to their fellow team player. In life, do you have the right friends who are on the same page with you? I mean good friends who want to see the best in you and try to encourage you to pursue your goals?

Commentators talk about every activity on the field... Do you know that you are being watched by a number of people and what you do will be publicly announced? The coach watches his players play and he frowns when they are taking the wrong moves on the field. God is your coach in life; Are you striving to impress Him or you are making Him frown at you?

A player will only be recognised and celebrated if he scores a goal, are you striving to make great impact and achieve your goals in life? Players who mess up get a red card.. How diligent are you in your service? Are you misbehaving when you should be serious minded? There is always a second half, an opportunity to do better but once the whistle is blown, that's the end.

Are you making use of opportunities that come your way or you think you have all day?
Just like the football match, you have so much work to do in the field of life.
Be focused on your goal,
Be determined
Be time conscious
Make the right friends
And strive towards greatness.
Live your life like you are in a football match.

~Beautifully written by: Eno Sam


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