Choose To See The World Positively

Choose To see the world positively

How do you see the world? What kind of a place do you believe the world to be? What do you think about everyone else? These questions are necessary for you to answer because the way you see things play a crucial role in what you tend to experience.

Some people tend to have a very negative view about life and if you take a closer look at them, they tend to get exactly what they believe in. Take for example someone who believes that everyone else is out to get them. This person believes strongly that no one else really cares about them and everyone wants to rip them off. This state of mind makes them react negatively to people who may genuinely want to help them.

Their reaction towards those people makes those people turn away from them and leave them on their own. And when these people turn away angrily, the one with the negative belief about people in his heart will say, "Yes, I said it. They have gone away because they do not really care about me." And inside his heart, he confirms this wrong belief.

This is a sort of vicious circle that goes on and on for him solidifying his negative beliefs. Note that what drove those good willing persons away  was not that they were really out to get this person, but rather it was due to the person's reaction towards them. The reactions were as a result of the individual's negative beliefs about them.

Another person may believe that there are no opportunities in the world for them. This person with this view about life will not recognise opportunities around him because he believes otherwise. He will even pass up on great chances that are brought to his knowledge because he sees the world poorly.

How about those who believe that everyone around them is wicked, hateful or evil? They tend to only see wickedness and experience it often times because the way they choose to see other people affects the way they react to them. And it is usually offensive.

Think about this for a moment. Those who see the world in a beautiful way tend to see the beauty in everything. It's doesn't mean that they are not discerning to know when they should be careful. They see and understand everything, but they chose to still see life in a positive light. This keeps them experiencing the best.

The way you see the world is the way the world shows itself to you. Yes, there are good things and bad things happening, but always choose to continue recognising the good things and seeing opportunities around you.

 No matter how bad things may appear to be, always maintain a positive outlook that things will always get better. This outlook is what moves you to react positively to life which leads to positive results. Don't let the negativity make you lose sight of the good.

Always see the brighter side. Don't let the downside of life steal away your motivation. Stay sharp and keep that beautiful outlook on life steady. You will see things changing in your life in beautiful ways.

Just see the world positively.

Keep winning! 


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