Choose To Remain Happy

Choose to stay happy

Often times in our lives when we are not achieving the results that we expect while working towards anything, we tend to feel sad, unhappy and depressed. Whenever we put in our very best and the outcome doesn't look very good, we easily lose our hope and we ask ourselves, "what's the point?"

When you look at those people around you, it may appear that most or all of them are seemingly getting it right and they have made significant accomplishments and achievements. But when you look at yourself, it seems as if you have a long way to go. You begin to feel terrible about your own life and you wonder if life is playing a sort of joke on you. You start asking, "What is happening to me?"

I want to share this with you if you've ever felt that way, if you're about to lose hope, if you're fed up with your own challenge, if you've lost your joy(the joy of living) or if you ever felt like giving up because of the present situation of things. And here it goes:

You can choose to stay happy in these situations. You can be happy and it is very important that you stay happy even when things don't look so promising. I've come to learn that life constantly tests us and whatever challenge we face is testing every one of us to see how strong we can withstand the storm and the harsh realities of life.

You can throw in the towel when this test comes your way. You can back off, grumble and complain. You can become unhappy, lose your motivation or accept defeat. You can do these things and prove to life that you are not worth it and you do not have what it takes to come out tops. If you choose to do these, you've failed the test and your situation won't change.

You can also choose to stay happy in these challenges you face. You can choose to pick up your sword and continue to fight your way through the tests of life. Life will keep coming at you with stronger tests, but you can choose to continue to fight by continuing to try and staying happy in the process. When you stay happy, you put your tests and challenges in a dilemma. They wonder: "Why are you still happy even when you're passing through these things?"

You are already winning because you are confusing those challenges coming at you. It will mean that you are confident that those tests have no power over you and you are certain that will pass through them successfully. Believe me, those challenges will pass over when you maintain your happiness.

Happiness attracts happiness. I believe the world will be a better place if everyone of us is happy doing what we do. When we are happy despite our different predicaments, we are motivated to keep doing what we do with passion. We continue to try and our success is guaranteed whenever we keep trying.

Therefore, try your best to stay happy in anything you are doing. In whatever situation you find yourself, don't let yourself get so down that you lose your joy and your smile. Keep doing what you can do and keep trying your best in happiness. You will see your dreams come true before your very eyes.

If you're not happy doing anything, it is better you don't even start doing it in the first place. If you do anything out of unhappiness, you tend to do it haphazardly and the output won't be very nice.

Choose to be happy no matter the situation of things out there. It is only our unrelenting happiness even in the midst of our tests that proves to life that indeed we are worth it and we can withstand the storm. We pass the test by staying happy and doing our best at all times. When we pass the test, we get exactly what we want.

Keep winning!


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