Your attention is gold

One of the major skills that separates the winners from the losers is the art of paying attention. Losers are too impatient and rigid to pay it, whereas winners understand that their ultimate success depends on it.

There is a story about a guy who landed a great job with a top multinational company,
simply by this art. Prior to his employment, he was invited alongside nine other applicants for the final interview test.

They had 2 minutes to solve 10 very simple questions written on a question paper. Once they were handed the paper, most of the applicants were smiling and wondering why the test questions looked so easy. Some of the fastest ones finished solving the questions in one minute and submitted their answer booklets quickly while beaming with smiles.

Other ones had already finished and we're cross checking to make sure they failed none of these easy questions. At the end of the test, the guy(who later got the job) submitted a blank sheet. It was later outside the exam hall that he pointed out to the other applicants that the very last instruction written on the exam paper was "Do NOT answer any question."

Funny, isn't it? Like the other nine applicants, some of us are too eager to succeed that we don't pay close attention to the things we do. We tend to run into problems, fail, fight and argue unnecessarily simply because of this.

I have to agree with the philosopher Heraclitus who proposed that "Change is the only constant thing." Life is in a constant state of flux and nothing is set on stone. For you to notice this change and be prepared for it, you must be very observant, otherwise it takes you by surprise.

When you pay attention, the attention pays you back! It lets you gather better knowledge and understanding of reality which keeps you one step ahead of your game.

The reason most people don't pay attention and consequently miss out on golden opportunities is simply that they think they have figured it all out. They think they know the pattern, therefore they are taken by surprise when the common pattern suddenly changes. They suffer because they are unprepared for it.

If you pay attention in anything you do, you will never be taken by surprise. You will flow with life during its lows and highs. You will enjoy the ride because you're not swimming against the tide by holding onto old things that pass away.

Things will continue to change to better or to worse. Don't expect anything to stay the same. Life is a movement and anything that stays the same is dead.

It is only by paying close attention that you will notice the changes and adjust your perceptions, beliefs, habits, patterns and actions in order to sail safely through the change, otherwise you're left behind.

Life is beautiful and we mustn't oppose the growth process of life. We must pay attention and be very observant, so that we can discern fresh knowledge which may not be found anywhere else.

Until next time,

Pay attention and win big!



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