What are you creating with your mind and body?

What are you creating in this world? Take a look around you. All the very successful people you know are creators of something. They all offer value to you!

In football, the players create the game by their actions on the pitch while the spectators
are entertained. These players are well paid for their efforts while the spectators just enjoy the game. Spectators pay with their money and time.

In engineering, engineers get paid for creating and designing systems and machines, while the consumers of their products pay them for it.

Doctors create by applying their skills learnt in medicine to effectively take care of the sick(consumers). They get paid by the consumers for it.

Comedians, Actors and Musicians entertain you with their skills and get paid with consumers money, while the consumers are just entertained.

Restaurant owners get paid by their consumers for the services they create and Banks are thriving because they create value for their clients.

I believe by now you're getting the point. If you're not creating anything or offering value to this world in any way, you'll end up paying all the other creators and probably end up poor.

To become truly successful in life, you must also add value to life. You can't just take from everyone else and expect to gain something. You'll gain nothing. You MUST give out to get.

The more value you create, the more returns you get. It's that simple. There is a time to take and a time to give. Going to the extreme of taking without giving is dangerous and leaves you with nothing.

There's no way you'll get to any great height without giving. People must celebrate you and cheer you for something. You're not destined to just cheer everyone else who is creating while you create nothing!

All of us are creators in our own little way.  Whether you're creating by the little service you render to your community or the way you prepare food for others or even the way you care for other people, what truly matters is that you're creating something no matter how small.

As long as you're creating that value, you're playing your part in making the world a much better place and you'll definitely be rewarded for that.

If you've not been creating anything, then go back and think again. You were born to create something for this world. God isn't an author of confusion. He created every individual for a specific purpose. And our purpose lies in the value we choose to create for others.

Find out what you really have passion for and create what you can through it. According to natural law, the value you've created would return in multiple folds.

Create value and keep winning!

Till next time..



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