Why thinking "No one Cares about you" is bullshit


Pardon my use of the word "bullshit", but I believe that is the best word to describe those words "No one cares about me."

And I am not saying it's bullshit to annoy those who use the words and seek for pity. By using the word bullshit, I refer to the words "No one cares about me" and not the person who may have said them.

There are people in this world who are healthy, hearty and well but they allow their minds make them say that Nobody cares about them.

While it is good to somehow want other people to care about you, the main responsibility for your care rests on your shoulders especially as an adult.

When people allow themselves get distracted or depressed by thinking nobody cares about them, it just leads them to having the victim mentality and becoming increasingly useless to themselves and society.

There are many people who care about you, some you may not even know about or must have met but they care about you.

There are people who have people that at least check on them every once in a while, but they still believe no one cares about them. There are people who do not have anyone even checking on them and somehow they are happier and surviving.

Some people are privileged to have been born in a family with father, mother, brothers and even sisters. You will be surprised that some of these people still believe no one cares about them.

What about people who do not know who their parents are? People who are orphans and who all they know is their friends? Some of those people are living very happy and exciting lives. But someone who has blood relatives and is privileged to have a nuclear family thinks nobody cares about them.

No one cares about you? Read this

There are philanthropists, there are people who donate to foundations across the world to ensure that less privileged people get access to their basic needs. There are charity organizations and groups that care about different groups of people. Even governments do their best to ensure that every citizen of a country gets benefits due to them. But people still think nobody cares about them.

Most times people that tend to think this way do not really care about other people. Which is why I believe it is more important for you to ask yourself the question: "Who do I care about?" Because this is the more important question.

Rather than find an excuse to get depressed or sad, think of how you are actually Caring for others the way that you expect them to care for you.

Sometimes we are too expectant of a form of care from other people. Left for some of us, other people should spend all their lives Caring for us and checking on us. Why should they do that? Do they really owe you anything?

And if they somehow do not care about you, do you care about them yourself well enough to find out why they may not be as caring as you expect?

Or are you making the care thing all about your own self?

To be really happy in this world comes from a place of giving to others. And the most cared for people in this world are the people who care the most about other people.

But these people who care the most, ironically do not even expect any care from people. They are so used to caring about other people that they do not care whether anybody cares for them or not. But they are the most cared for because most people reciprocate when they feel loved and cared for.

What is missing in the care space is the first move. There is a shortage of first movers because most people expect others to care about them first before they can return the gesture.

Some people who have that mindset may be lucky to meet a few first movers who will show care first. But other people might not be as lucky because first movers are scarce. So they end up expecting care that may never come.

Rather than wait and expect other people to care about you, do yourself a favor by taking the first steps to care for others and try staying consistent at it. To care for other people is actually easier than expecting it.

This is the mindset you should have rather than be worried "no one cares about you."

A lot of people really care about you, but maybe you are not first moving enough care around to find those people.

Think about this. Try not to ever think "No one cares about you". If you believe in God, know that God always cares about you and God's care for you is more than enough for you to extend this care towards others.

Don't allow your mind trick you into thinking nobody cares about you because like I have said, it's bullshit.

Care about others and keep winning!


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