In All Things, Never Lose Hope!


Hope, never lose it

Hope is what keeps us going. Hope is what makes life worth living. Hope is what makes us get out of bed each morning and do the best we can to make ends meet.

Hope is what enables us to be persistent even when we initially fail at certain things. 

Hope is the critical element that keeps us from feeling downcast but rather focused on the possibility of a future outcome.

Hope is what makes the parents of a child spend money on the kid's education even though they are not certain whether the child will pass or fail. 

Hope is what makes people spend money in the hospital in care of themselves or their loved ones even though they are not sure whether treatments will work or not. But they hope!

Hope is central to many things.

In this article, I want to encourage all winners globally who are reading this blog to never lose hope. 

There will be challenges, there will be tough times. But in the words of Tony Robbins, "Tough times never last, but tough people too."

Winners are tough people who cling on that glimmer of hope! Without hope, we die before our deaths because we will not find motivation to even do anything. We will always be like, "What's the point?"

It is hope that helps us to keep the dream alive and refuse to give up even in face of seemingly daunting challenges. 

As a word of caution, hope does not mean mindlessly being optimistic by only praying and wishing things get better without action.

Hope actually inspires action. The hope that something will get better is what pushes you to keep TAKING ACTION in the line of the hope you believe in. Just as I described with scenarios in opening paragraphs.

Hope therefore is a catalyst for action and not a coping mechanism to stay laid back. By all means pray, but only praying about what you hope for, without taking inspired action towards it is more like a disguised avoidance of responsibility.

We must keep hope alive and work towards achievements of what we hope for. That way, the things we hope for will arrive much sooner than we would have expected!

In all things remember that hope is not giving up and taking wise action!

Keep your hope alive and keep on winning!



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