Throwback: That Little Fear

 Throwback article I had written 7 years ago. The article was written when I was one afraid of sharing something else in writing because it may not meet with the standard of the last one I wrote which was widely admired and shared by many.

Point of it is that it does not matter really whether many people will enjoy what you create at all times. The important thing is to keep creating something. Something that can be beneficial to others. Not creating something just so it can be liked by everyone, but creating it because you believe it could be of value. Whether people eventually like it or do not like it, it does not matter as much as your commitment to keep creating!

A few days after I wrote my most liked Facebook Post, I simply became afraid to write again. Ideas came, but I was reluctant to put them down. Why? Because I've been too conscious of not writing another article which will not be as good as that one.

But then, If I stopped writing because I feared that I wouldn't meet that same standard, then I may never write again.

After thinking about this fresh phobia for some time, I felt funny and a bit naive.

In truth, there was nothing to be afraid of. Whether people liked my posts or not, it didn't

matter. What really mattered was that I get my idea out and express it in the simplest words possible.

I forgot that it's not about the results. It's all about consistently bringing out your creativity and innovation. That is what really counts.

To You.. It's not about how people see you, it's not about how many people like what you do, it's not about whether you win or lose. It's not about how your effort turns out.

Understand that it's completely not about the results or outcome. If it was all about them, there will be so many frustrated individuals. The outcome doesn't matter whether it's positive or negative.

If you worry about the outcome too much in whatever you do, you'll never bring out your very best. What really matters is that you continue. Never ever stop.. Keep on doing whatever you do, no matter the odds. If you lose, simply forget about it! Don't sit there, lie down, grumble and cry. Quickly get up, dust yourself and keep doing something.

If you win, you don't stay there and relax either. Winning is only momentary, the feeling that comes with it doesn't last. Also, many competitors are out there, so winning doesn't even come with rest. You still keep creating and trying to win.

Whatever you're doing that you love to do, please keep doing it. As long as that thing has the capacity to create value in our society, for God's sake, keep doing it! Don't listen to anyone, never ever stop doing it for any reason.

Just gave you a piece of my mind. You can use it or simply lose it.

Up to you!



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