Save Yourself Unnecessary Arguments

"Madam, please adjust, so I can sit down comfortably."
"Where do you want me to adjust to? Can't you see that I've reached the end? I don't know whether some of you don't have eyes!"
"But madam, no be quarrel.. I just said you should shift a little bit, the seat is tight.."
"Something must be wrong with you.. where should I go, maybe I should sit on the window?"
"You're the one something is wrong with… what do you mean by that.."
And bla bla … it didn't end well(couple of abuses) .. but you get the gist already and have probably witnessed something like this play out in public transport. 😂
The thing about this scenario is that the problem could have been solved by just a simple movement from the person who was told to shift.
When people ask you do something they feel you're supposed to do, somehow, they expect you to at least act like you've actually heard what they have said and do something to show some concern.
Nobody would actually use tape or ruler to measure how many inches you may have shifted, but the simple act of moving your body(even if the net change from your present position is 0) goes a long way to calm the person who is making the request.
What's there to just move or at least pretend to? Absolutely nothing. Will save us all the arguments and ethnic abuses. 😂But No.. some people feel entitled to their sitting positions in a bus(when it's obviously not their personal vehicle). 😆
I dunno, but 9ja is full of comedy on an everyday level. Entitlement people everywhere.


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