Don't Waste Your Time Arguing

Don't waste time arguing

One morning, I came across my neighbors seriously arguing about the existence of God. "Like seriously?" "This useful morning?" I asked myself. Does proving the existence or non existence of God successfully change anything in the lives of these people? The answer is a big no.

It's not the first time they argued. It's either they were arguing about politics, religion or something that's not really worth it. Arguments waste their time, but time seems not to matter to them.

It's not just them, many people around the world waste useful man hours arguing about things that cannot add value to their lives or those of other people. Some things cannot be known for sure and that shouldn't be too hard for certain people to accept.

I see no need arguing pointlessly. Anything that wastes your valuable time and doesn't take you closer to your mission is a waste of your time. The only argument permissible is an argument that takes you one step towards your goal.

Achieving dreams takes more of your own actions as an individual not arguments. When you look around you or even check out popular online forums, you see people wasting their time arguing on pointless things. There's no need to join them and do same.

When they are busy arguing, you're busy working on your goals. When they're busy complaining, keep calm and play your cards right. Save precious time by not engaging in mere banters.

Stay bold and win without arguments.