When No One Sees You

When no one sees you

Every great and successful person has at one point or the other been in that position when no one sees them or know that they exist. In this position, your opinions may not count and many may not take you serious.  But it is also your actions and activities this stage that will determine if people will ever see you or not.

Right now, you may be working so hard, doing what you can to save up money for an important venture which may change your life. People may be looking down on you, on what you've decided to do, they may even insult you, say negative things about you and belittle you.

You might be a really good and straight forward person whereas some people may think you're not smart because you've refused to be a cheat, an unfaithful or a fraudulent person. Your opinions might be frowned upon even though they're very good and correct.

Guess what? People's reactions to you at this level of your life don't matter. As long as deep down your heart, you've got a vision, a target and a plan, your business now is to focus on taking the steps you need. Right now it's safe to say you're still underground. No one will really give a damn about you or your life until at least you really prove that you're worth knowing.

This underground stage when nobody sees you is very important because it is the stage where we are refined and equipped with what we need to excel in life. But it takes an open mind to learn from this level and progress past it else one remains stuck.

What you do at this stage really counts. Your ability to recognize and seize opportunities, your ability to read and understand the emotions of other people, your ability to manage your time well and pay attention to details and your focus and determination; all these things count at this position.

When you're able to make tremendous progress in these things, you're certainly breaking out. But you have to pass through it first neglecting any distractions. It's pointless to get mad at people who may slight you, disregard you or ignore you right now. It's pointless because there's no point being bitter about it as you gain nothing.

So when you're underground, hustling and unseen, don't let your mind be bugged by all those trivial things. Your mind should be bugged by one thing and one thing only: your MISSION. Everything you're doing must be taking you one step closer to where you ideally want to be. You should dream and desire it, then eliminate distractions and do exact what you need to do.

When no one sees you, remain true to yourself.

When no one sees you, don't be a cheat, be a man or woman of integrity.

When no one sees you, don't lose your self esteem, know your worth.

When no one sees you, don't get envious or depressed, just stay focused and keep trying your best given any little opportunity.

Because in the end, you won't stay underground forever, your diligent efforts will be rewarded, your attitude will be rewarded. Life always rewards the deserving, no matter how twisted life may appear.

So when no one sees you, don't give up, one day you'll definitely be seen and heard.

Keep winning and stay bold.


  1. Winning isn’t everything when you’ve seen it all.The place u call underground is a place I seek comfort while u seek achievements. The contextual clue here is “underground “ was never shared. So in context my point of view it Should have been shared. Could have reach greater heights together. But where do children come in play in your context. Victims of casualties??

  2. Not motivated but it saddens me when he abandoned his kids
    I could’ve kick butts if I wanted too. It was easy just had to hand over the gems
    It’s easy I didn’t have to lift a finger But it doesn’t benefit me in anyway. Good for his new found life. I’ll stay underground I lost my baby. Well it’s god’s wish I suppose


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