The Easiest Way To Get Better At Anything

Easiest Way To Get Better at anything
Meet Eno Sam, she is a talented an artist and she has a strong passion for drawing. When she started, her drawings weren't so admirable. At that time, when she tried real life drawing, what she drew was far from resembling the object she was drawing.

Even though Eno wasn't that spectacular when she started, she wasn't discouraged to keep drawing.  She kept drawing and she gradually started improving. What kept her going was her passion for the arts. She loved to do what she was doing and that was more than enough to keep her drawing.

Today, her portraits are close to perfection and it wouldn't be surprising to see her works start competing with top artists around the world.

Here's what she has to say:
"Go for what you have passion for!"
"Never think you can't, just start and watch yourself get better. The first picture is really funny but it took courage to keep trying(referring to the above picture)."

"When you have passion for something, never give up on it just because your first try was horrible.. Keep trying."

"Also, never stay away from people who do not laugh at your small beginning. If you have any friend that believe in your abilities, keep them. I have a few of them who kept encouraging. Thanks to you guys."

"Get close to people who are ahead of you in your area of interest, thanks to some good artists that put me through some things i needed to know."
"If you have a dream, don't just stay and conclude that you can't do it, YES, YOU CAN if only you can believe in yourself."

"Develop yourself at every phase if you are not satisfied with what you have to offer."

That was all she had to say. From her example, she had demonstrated that it doesn't necessarily take genius, talent or destiny to get good at anything. All it takes is a strong passion for whatever you have strong interest in and a willingness to keep trying and improving.

Your first try mustn't be perfect. If you have passion for something, don't give up because your first try wasn't so good or because it was laughed at. Just keep 'doing' it. With time and a little patience, you'd definitely see results!

That's all it takes! See you at the top.



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