Reading Too Much?

Do you know why most youths are currently unemployed and roaming around the streets doing nothing? A number of them, don't have any skill, therefore they simply cannot do much. Many more are there because they read too much and did very little.

Reading is a very good thing, but I think when it's done to the extreme without any activity, practice or real life experience; it becomes an impediment to any individual.

In universities, book knowledge is too glorified. Nobody tells you that what will propel you out there in The Real world is WHAT YOU CAN ACTUALLY DO. They go on encouraging you to just read and pass exams and if you fall into that trap, they successfully turn you to robot. Students who escape this phenomenon are those who balanced their studies with activity. The school didn't do it for them, they did it for themselves.

These students take time to practice what they learn on their own. They either train themselves practically or they become an apprentice at any place where they can develop their practical skills. When these ones finish school, you don't see them waiting for jobs or begging companies to employ them. They create employment for themselves and for others with their skill.

For our reading to ever be useful, it must have a practical side to it. Why have most of us been deceived into just reading and reading and reading? Without practice and action based on the knowledge we have acquired, it is useless. And if we know that some things cannot be practiced here in the country, why study them in the first place?

Have you asked yourself why our country is still behind in terms of industrialization, manufacturing, engineering, scientific discoveries etc? With all the professors we have here, our problems major are still there unsolved?

That's another reason why the country is still behind. Our schools are not producing individuals who can contribute much to the society because they don't expose them to practicality. Focus is largely on book knowledge and papers.

Imagine how our country would be if we had graduates who can really boast of what they studied. Graduates who won't need anybody to give them jobs. Graduates who immediately go into society and start applying their knowledge and skills. You think such graduates will ever lack anything?

But currently, it's not like that. I envision a country where it will soon be like. Where all graduates and youth will successfully play a role in nation building.

Don't just spend your life here reading.. It's a big trap. Balance yourself with practice. Practice it and if you find out what you love during practice, keep learning and keep practicing. It will give an edge that robots don't have.

If you don't have any skill currently, you simply go for apprenticeship in your field or whatever you have a passion. Work for or work with someone who is already established in that field for some time. This will help you remember the theories you may have forgotten with practice.

Anybody can get a skill and master it whether educated or not. Education is something I think everyone should be privileged to have, but even if you never had an opportunity to be educated. You can gain and master any skill once your mind is open. There is no excuse for engaging in social vice. Everyone from anywhere at any time can master anything they set their mind to once they are willing to take the pains to experience it practically.

So that's it for now.  As the saying goes "PRACTICE makes perfect." They know why they didn't put "reading makes perfect." Reading is only there to push us or guide us into ACTION. Practice is the most important thing!

Let no one deceive you. Someday, we will get there in this country and unemployment will be greatly reduced. I dare to say that "knowledge ALONE is NOT power!" "PRACTICE which is INSPIRED by knowledge is the new POWER."

Keep winning!


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