7 Ways To Bail Out From Addictions

Bail Out of Your Addictions

Addictions can be really difficult to deal with but with the right tips, one can emerge a victor no matter how far one has gone. Some folks find themselves imprisoned by smoking, drinking, pornography, spending time with T.V or social media (especially in this age), masturbation and the likes.

 Releasing oneself from these ugly monsters is not a walk in the park, it can be so frustrating that some often resort to fate and throw in the towel, living a miserable life afterwards. They even go as far as accepting the saying that, "We don’t break addictions they break us."

The misery that comes with addiction can be immediate or long-term, it can come in form of health, emotional, psychological issues which leads to strain in relationships, loss of jobs and so on.

Here are few tips to get yourself a bail:

Acknowledge the existence of a problem
It is a matter of great importance to tell yourself that there is a problem before anything else. Since those who are well have no need of a physician, it is advised that you carry out this litmus test, you never can tell if you need help. Do you spend all your free time on a “particular thing”? or do you find yourself itching to engage that habit anytime you abstain for a while? Some become nervous or anxious and in severe cases are unable to do any other thing unless they satisfy that strong urge. These are signs though not an exclusive list.

Make the decision to turn a new leaf
Having identified that you have a problem, the next step is to decide to change. This requires making a conscious effort to turn a new leaf and the engaging the mind is key here. Compare the pleasure derived from your addiction with the adverse consequences. Also, think through the benefits of being free because subsequent actions will stem from the mind. You must be willing to make that firm choice to set yourself free.

Commit it to God
The decision has been made but there is need to pray to God about it. Always remember that when we commit our ways to God he will establish them. Engage the power of God trusting in the sufficiency of his grace to heal you of that addiction. Research has shown that many people who are addicted use it as a resort to fill a void in their lives. Sometimes addictions are caused by loneliness, rejection, hardship, loss of loved ones and so on but in all these God can help you break those chains.

Share with someone
It is said that a problem shared is half solved but people who have been betrayed in the past find it difficult to trust. The sad news here is that secrecy is a fertile ground for addictions to thrive so there is need to find someone. This should be someone who does not judge you but genuinely cares for your wellbeing and might be tough on you at times, or better still someone who has gone through this process. In some cases, professional help is highly recommended.

Sanitize your environment
Analyse your addiction and check for things that trigger it. It might be environment, people, situations or mood. You are advised to change friends if they have anything to do with the addiction. Carefully avoid occasions that will fuel the urge to go back on the habit. Starve the habit, and try replacing it with a new one. There is a great need to have a new habit (a positive one) because nature abhors vacuum.

Remain persistent
On this journey of overcoming addiction, persistence needs to be your right-hand man. There will be those low times of failure but don’t let it discourage you. In those moments, find ways of doing it better in other to keep making progress.

Be Thankful
Celebrate each level of progress. Ask God daily for his grace and be grateful to him for your victories and failures. Especially in our failures because in him lies the strength to move on and on.
Apply the tips, get yourself bailed out and be free!

Theresa Oyim


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