Sometimes in the middle of all these daily struggle and aspirations to become something, to do something, to make impact, to be successful, to get married, and etc, I always ask myself the big question: why?
Why do we do these things? Is it our way of finding meaning in life? Is it our way of keeping busy so we avoid our thoughts? Is it just the way the world is? Is it just to keep up with what our peers are doing? The big question is why?!
Often times, we don't get to ask ourselves this question. We just follow the trend and we try to become like other people or do things just because other people are doing them. This leads to a lot of confusion. The trend is not always right for you!
The danger of just doing things because you're pressured to do so without really understanding why you're doing it is that you will eventually find yourself dissatisfied and discontented, and when that happens you will not even be motivated to continue because you're like: what's the point?
That's why you have got to clearly define the reason why you are struggling or working or investing towards anything. Is it just to make money? Is it the desire to fulfill a need? Is it love? Is it to be able to help others? Is it for you to be happy? Is it for the sake of your family, friends and loved ones? The answer must be very clear to you.
When the answer is clear, even in the toughest of times, you will persevere and not give up easily. You will be having fun even in hard times. Why? Because you are fully conscious of why you have been doing whatever you've decided to do. With this consciousness firmly rooted in you, there is no problem or challenge that you cannot pull through.
You must everyday remind yourself "why" you're doing anything. The worst reason you can give yourself is that "you're doing it because other seemingly successful people are doing it". That's very wrong because you are you! You're not someone else.
What's driving them may not be same thing driving you. What's making them happy may be what brings you pain, so you find your own drive by asking yourself that question and answering it with all sincerity.
None of us really knows how we found ourselves in this place called earth and none of us really knows exactly where we are going from here. But one thing is sure: you have consciousness.. you have your mind and spirit always with you. You know what's best for you. Discover your drive through "why?" and make the most of your life.


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