Where has our humanity gone?

When we were little kids, sometimes we will see a very dirty car parked outside and in our little minds, the stuff doesn't look right to us. Cars are supposed to be washed and taken care of. It looks absurd to us.
So what comes to mind? We go closer, look left and right to confirm no one older is watching and we write "pls wash me." The ones with better GST skills will add "..I am dirty" to it. Plenty of us have been on this table.
My mind cast back to this thing because I saw it today. As innocent children, there was a consciousness in us to at least attempt to make things right. If something doesn't look right, we tried to make it right by in this case "writing something". Thereby "speaking" on behalf of the vehicle to whoever owns it.
This innate drive to make things better is why children don't keep grudges for too long. They play and quarrel, next minute, they're together again. Chaos and absurdity is naturally abnormal to them, so they keep drifting towards the ideal.
As young adults, we begin to think that we've understood how the world is and how the government works. We try a few times to correct things and we fail, then we begin to accept that nothing else can be done about it. Why not leave things the way they are?
We begin to develop a sort of indifference to things happening around us. And that's how our minds gradually starts becoming closed to stuff. Now you don't give a damn about most things. If no one's doing anything about it, why bother yourself?
And without knowing it.. not caring about stuff starts becoming a way of life. Your neighbor is screaming out for help and you don't give a shit because it's not you or your family.
It's now all about family first.. every other person can actually go to hell. We're desensitized to the plights of people around us. And all we're bothered about is our selfish interest. But when we need help, we expect people who are not family to come to our rescue, right?
I don't know how we got here. But I hope the eyes of our humanity will be opened once again. A lil kid playing with other kids don't know which child is family, which child is white, black, Yoruba, hausa or Igbo or Christian, Muslim or traditionalist. A child just wants to play and be at peace with all men.
Growing up, I think this has become a pipe dream. The more we think we've known, the more foolish we became.


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