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The Active Ones Take It All

Hey, you! Yes.. you! Are you still delaying that wonderful idea you may have been nursing for a while now? Have you been hesitating on starting that business, journey, career, course, or work you have  to do? Have you identified a favorable opportunity, but you've not been able to utilize it because you're thinking too much about it? Then this article is for you. I want you to bear this at the back of your mind: "The active ones take it all." Life offers everything to the ones who are active. Life doesn't care about your intention or what you're thinking of doing. It cares about what you're doing! Let's say there are two people who intend to start a similar business, let's say it's a small restaurant. One of them has been nursing the idea for a long time and is very passionate about it. He keeps thinking and thinking of how to start up the business and get everything ready but has done nothing yet. The other one also nurses the idea

Enough Talk

enough said

Often times, some people come to me and say, "I want to build a house," "I want to be a billionaire," "I want to own my own company," "I want to be famous," "I want to meet the love of my life," and may other things like that. But when I ask them what they are currently doing about that or how they intend to achieve it, very few of them give concrete answers.

It's easy, very easy to say that you want you want those things; that you want the finest things in life. I mean, who doesn't want them? Everyone wants to be better than they are and be able to achieve these common desires but not many of them have made clear plans or started working consistently towards achieving them.

Talk is cheap. Many people are willing to talk and tell you about what they want. The reason why few people actually get those things whereas many do not is that few people make steady efforts to go for these things. These few even hardly talk about their goals and plans but rather focus on activity. They know that to achieve their desires, they must be doing something about it constantly.

It is activity that brings you closer to anything you intend to achieve. Nothing else does. Nothing will change if you do not change yourself. Nothing will happen if you do not do anything but talk. If you remain the same, do the same things and roll with the same set of people, you will get the same results.

Rather than always talk about what you intend to accomplish, learn to be quiet and think deeply about it while formulating deep solid plans to achieve them. Set your deadlines and work in accordance with it. Work on these plans every day without relenting and see how fast everything changes in accordance with your actions.

You should only talk about your dreams to those you trust, those who can really help and those who share similar interests in what you intend to achieve. Don't share it with just anybody.

Quietly work out your way up there and walk the path. You will definitely achieve whatever you want to achieve. You don't have to tell me or anybody else about it except if you really need to do so. Tell it to yourself and work towards it. Enough said! 


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