The Dress: Understanding That People See Things Differently


What color do you see in the image above? Is it blue and black or gold and white?

If you've never encountered this optical illusion before, you might be surprised to learn that people perceive different colors when looking at the same image. When I first saw the dress, I couldn't believe that others might see a different color than I did. It was astonishing to realize that people could see either blue and black or gold and white, even within the same family!

That day, I learned an important lesson: even when observing the same thing, we can see it differently and be erroneously convinced that our perception is correct and what others see. This realization extends beyond our visual senses; it speaks to the diversity in our ways of thinking and understanding the world.

Recently, I had a discussion with someone close to me. She was curious about why some things in life are more difficult for some people than for others. I hesitated to delve too deeply into the reasons, assuming that knowing the negative aspects might make her feel sad. My own experience has taught me that focusing too much on the unfairness of life can be disheartening.

As I tried to explain, I realized that my assumption was wrong. She genuinely wanted to understand the situation and was capable of separating her emotions from her curiosity. This was a significant moment for me. I had intended to protect her from negativity, but I learned that understanding her perspective was more important than making assumptions based on my own feelings.

Why am I sharing this? It's crucial to recognize that people see and are affected by things differently. Our reactions to situations should not be the standard by which we gauge others' responses. We must train ourselves to be sensitive and make an effort to understand others' perspectives rather than assume they see and feel as we do.

This understanding is vital in our world today. Many people are unaware that others do not share the same level of freedom, comfort, emotional state, or maturity. We all have different levels of privilege and unique circumstances shaped by our careers, countries, families, relationships, and more.

Don't assume that others see things the same way you do based on your unique experiences and privileges. By making a genuine effort to understand the underlying circumstances and perspectives of others, we can create a more connected and compassionate world where everyone has the opportunity to thrive.

Make a genuine effort to understand others. Keep winning.


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