Redefining Limits: What's Your Excuse?

I came across a video on Instagram from the account rubenroldan_ypk that truly sparked something within me, inspiring the thoughts I'm about to share. It showcased a remarkable individual, despite his disability, executing astonishing stunts.

Witnessing the athleticism of this young man, despite his condition, left me deeply moved. He exemplified a level of fitness and determination that surpassed many who aren't labeled as "disabled." It made me ponder; do we truly have valid excuses for leading mediocre lives or forgo pursuing our passions?

Should we indulge in explanations for why certain achievements are beyond our grasp due to perceived shortcomings, or should we adopt the mindset that, regardless of our limitations, our mere existence and the gift of life compel us to relentlessly pursue our aspirations?

As I watched this individual effortlessly perform incredible feats with just one leg, a myriad of thoughts flooded my mind. He could have easily succumbed to a life of bitterness, lamenting the loss of his leg and bemoaning the unfairness of his circumstances. He possessed countless reasons to resign himself to a lesser existence, yet he chose not to. Instead, he embraced what he had and maximized its potential.

Similarly, each of us faces our own set of challenges. We may not possess everything we desire; life may seem more favorable for others, and the temptation to compare ourselves can be overwhelming. Yet, this video serves as a poignant reminder; we have no valid excuses to settle for mediocrity or relinquish our dreams when inspired.

Whatever our circumstances, be it the absence of a limb, the loss of a loved one, or a lack of resources, we mustn't allow these perceived deficiencies to deter us. Every resource at our disposal, no matter how seemingly insignificant, serves as a catalyst for progress. Whether it's a skill to be honed or an opportunity waiting to be seized, we possess the power to initiate change.

Let me reiterate for emphasis: "IT DOES NOT MATTER WHAT YOU THINK YOU DON'T HAVE." What truly matters is twofold:

1. Recognizing and appreciating what you do have, no matter how humble; a beating heart, good health, or a supportive presence in your life.

2. Taking deliberate steps toward your aspirations, utilizing the resources available to you. Whether it's arranging meetings, seeking training opportunities, or seizing the moment, every action, no matter how small, propels you closer to your dreams.

Your perceived limitations need not dictate your journey. I hope this brief reflection ignites a fire within you as you embark on the week ahead.

Keep pursuing that fire in your heart, don't give up on values you truly believe in!

Keep on winning!



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