The Lesson I Learned from the Sun: Keep Shining Your Light

After revising my lecture notes, I took a break on my balcony and watched the movement of the clouds and the distant sun shining brightly. As I gazed upon it, I realized how long it had been since I took the time to appreciate its existence.

Feeling grateful, I said a prayer of gratitude in my heart and wondered what the world would be like if the sun stopped shining. What if it cared about the opinions and actions of the people on earth?

But the truth is, the sun's purpose is to shine and provide light to everyone without stopping, regardless of whether people appreciate it or not.

From this, I learned that I should also continue to do my best and create value, radiate love, and let my light shine without worrying about what others say. We all have a unique light within us, and it's up to us to discover and let it shine.

Let us all choose to let our lights shine like the sun, and create a world where everyone embraces their uniqueness and radiates their light. 


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