Recognize the Good Things!

Hello winners,

Welcome to the wonderful month of April. I have a very good feeling that this month has something great in store for everyone. Unexpected good things will happen from different sources. And we will all have more reasons to keep rejoicing and be grateful.

I have not been as consistent as I had hoped for last month. I am not even finding that funny. March was so overwhelming generally. I could not find the much needed inspiration to write. My mind and thoughts were spread across different things that I could not just keep up.

Life happens to us all and keeping to commitment to write something everyday is actually not as easy as I had hoped, but I will keep trying. Starting over with April cos  I know it is possible to write everyday from January 2023 results. And no, it's not April fool, I will try again. :D

The commitment and consistency in doing one thing consistently every day takes a lot of discipline. This is what I am trying to strengthen by this goal. I am consistent in a lot of other things. So writing is just the part I struggle with. But I realized that when I am consistent with my writing, it is easier for me to be consistent with every other aspect of my life. So I should strive.

Anyway the subject of today's blog post is on Recognizing the Good Things. This was one of the first thoughts that came into my mind on the morning of this new month. This was also subliminally from a discussion I had with a friend recently.

These were the exact thoughts:

"Many people remember God, only when things are not going well for them. Once they are in trouble, they run around in religious places asking for grace and solutions. Somehow, this is good because at least it makes them remember they have a creator. Ideally, we should be conscious of our creator at all times, and not only when we face problems."

"This puts us in a mode of constant gratitude setting us at a level above whatever may come our way."

"In life everything balances out. You can't have everything. But the creator has provided you with everything you actually need to live out your true purpose on Earth. Most people get it wrong by focusing on the things they do not have. This makes them blind enough to not recognize blessings right in front of them."

"Rather than focus on what you do not have, take a moment to think and take note of all the things you have going on well for you at the moment. That you are alive and able to even read this is something worth being happy and grateful for."

"Stop allowing your mind dwell on what you do not have. You actually have everything you need contrary to what your mind may tell you. You just need to recognize what you have and maximize it. And you will see every other thing coming together just fine."

"It is all about what you are focused on. Keep it real!"

I first shared this with all my contacts and was inspired to share it here. I do not know if it would be of benefit to anyone of you. However I believe it may be a message beneficial to someone out there. We live in a world full of so many distractions. With AI developments, ChatGPT, entertainment constantly available and everything on demand, it is hard for us to gain a grip on our minds.

Our minds are spiraling out of control. And right now it is more important than ever to have a grip on our minds. Having a grip on our mind means using our will to channel our minds on what it should focus on and what should have our attention. What has your attention has your power. 

The issues of mental health, sadness, depression and etcetera are on the rise in recent times.. this is partly due to our inability to control what thoughts we let our minds focus upon. No one has everything perfect and everyone is going through their own personal issues. If you choose to make a mountain out of your own issue, thinking everyone else has their life together, you will be making a huge error.

Focus on the good things you have available to you. If you are well and healthy, if you have trustworthy people you can rely on, if you can afford to even buy what you want.. these are things you should be grateful for. And focus your mind on maximizing those things by taking care of yourself and the things you care about.

Do not let your mind miss these things and rather focus on what you do not have. This is the error we often make. And then we somehow lose reality of all the good things and focus on this one thing missing. That is just like having 999,999 dollars and worrying about the $1 missing to make it 1 million dollars. OR not enjoying a cinema movie you are watching because you could not hear one thing an actor said in the beginning.

Pay little attention to missing things. OR pay no attention at all if you can. Focus on the good, the soft, the lovely, the beautiful. Maximize the hell out of those things! Don't let the things you do not have take away the joy of what you actually have right now.

I am a Christian, but I respect other faiths and in the scripture Phil 4:8 says: "Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable--if anything is excellent or praiseworthy--think about such things."

And I believe those are the kind of things we should allow take root in our minds and thought processes, not negative thoughts and worry over what is not going well. 

I hope this is of  benefit to you.

Till next time,

Your friend,



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