March Stats

 This post is kinda overdue. Should have been the first article to be written in April. So let me jump right into it. In March we had 6,136 views on the blog, that's about 2,033 views lower than what we had in February.

In March, my article output dropped even lower than in February where I managed to get 19/28 days of articles. It was just 13 posts in March 4 were new articles and 9 were throwbacks. That was poor output for that month. I could give a thousand and one reasons why I could not maintain my consistency in writing, but that would be deceiving myself.

A commitment should be a commitment.

                                                                                                                                                                        For last month, my lovely readers from the United States were still on top. Readers in Germany overtook readers from Canada which were second place in February but third now. Sweden disappeared from top 10 countries, wonder why. Where are my Swedish fans? India came fourth from 7th position last time to displace United Kingdom to 5th place. Philippine readers are new to top 10, China is also showing up as well. 

Top articles last month were:

Similar to last month, just the article on The definition of a true man coming up gradually to top article.

I will write more this month. Rewrite all articles previously written in better format.


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